SkyWatch TV asks Trey Smith, “What is the FUTURE of America?”

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Entities: Click Here

Entities: Click Here

SkyWatch TV interview with Trey Smith

One day after the release of Trump: the Coming Landslide (a documentary by Trey Smith pulling over 500 thousand views on Youtube in its first 5 days) SkyWatch TV and I met to talk about a battery of things….. from Entities: the Unveiling (particularly being this is October), the Universe (in Josh Peck’s talk show the MultiVerse), and — of course — Donald Trump….. and the future of America.

Trey Smith / Tom Horn’s SkyWatch with host Derek Gilbert (VIDEO Beneath):

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Trey Smith / SkyWatch TV

Trey Smith / SkyWatch TV

Trey Smith: I would note that since the release of this documentary (Trump: the COMING LANDSLIDE)  — which took about three months to make day and night, day and night….. If you have the opportunity to share the documentary — I might HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT.

During the making of this documentary, I had the opportunity to speak with many hard-core democrats about the coming election — ONE THING REALLY BOTHERED ME —> the POLL NUMBERS. Particularly after what happened to the democrats with Bernie Sanders.


The FULL Trump Documentary is below: 

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Entities: Click Here

Entities: Click Here





Trey Smith

About Trey Smith

Trey Smith is the founder of the God in a Nutshell project. The God in a Nutshell documentary videos I make are at:
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