Ein-Gedi Discovery Proves Hebrew Scriptures Untainted for 2000 Years

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Author: Zebulon Rogersdead-sea-scrolls-unwrapped


William Brent Seales et al. Sci Adv 2016;2:e1601247

dead-sea-scrolls-unwrapped True science has done it again. An interdisciplinary team from the Israeli Antiquities Authority was able to decipher an untouchable, disintegrating Hebrew scroll discovered in 1970 at the Ein-Gedi archaeological dig in Israel last year, according to an extensive entry in ScienceAdvances Journal. Using a technique called “virtual unwrapping”, which employs the same 3D X-ray-based micro-computed tomography used in CT scans, scientists were able to digitally unroll what was discovered to be a large fragment of the book of Leviticus. The text contained in the fragment matches that which is found in present-day Hebrew Bibles word for word, a revelation which challenges the vehement stance of anti-Biblical critics who have long claimed that the scriptures were heavily tampered with over nearly two millennia.

Image courtesy of the Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library, IAA. Photo: S. Halevi.

Image courtesy of the Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library, IAA. Photo: S. Halevi.

The site of its discovery, Ein-Gedi, was a large Jewish community located along the shores of the Dead Sea that existed in the Byzantine period between A.D. 4th and 5th centuries, or the Second Temple Period. It was completely destroyed by fire during the First Jewish Rebellion in 66-70 AD. A synagogue was built during the 3rd century that stood until the 6th century where it was destroyed by Rome. It was here that the scrolls were charred and subsequently buried in ash and mud. Read the full text of the journal findings here.


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