Death Sentence Pending for Mother Emmanuel Shooter

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Author: Nicole Burnier

In June of 2015, white supremacist Dylann Roof attended a bible study at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina where he shot and killed nine people, including the church’s pastor. According to his video confession, he had brought a “Glock. 45-caliber pistol” with him and had it hanging off of his belt. He said that although the others had seen the weapon, no one said anything to him. Roof then sat in the study for fifteen minutes, debating whether or not to kill its attendees. It was then that he decided to go through with the mass execution, firing 70 rounds.

Roof had also penned several disturbing notes to his parents in which he stated “he had to do it”. Very interesting to me, especially after hearing numerous similar accounts over the years (e.g. “Slenderman”).

The church, commonly called Mother Emmanuel, has since gained a new pastor, Rev. Eric S.C. Manning. A man who has dealt with tragedies in his own family and who has a heart for the Lord. Manning, who doesn’t believe in the death penalty, is currently going to bat for Roof in court. Roof’s sentencing started a 9:30 this morning.

(Note: When I watched the Dylann Roof confession an overwhelming coldness and presence of evil surrounded me. I was so disturbed that it took me about three days to write this article.)

Author: Nicole Burnier

Nicole Burnier is a communications specialist and journalist from Chicago, IL.  She received her Bachelor’s in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and is currently attending Grand Canyon Theological Seminary where she is pursuing her M.A. in Christian Ministry.

In addition to being a graduate student, Nicole is undergoing her Discipleship through the Pentecostal Church of God, whom she will be ordained through. Burnier is currently writing her first book which will chronicle the supernatural encounters that led her to the Lord. She is also planning on releasing her first set of YouTube broadcasts in 2017.



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