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Benny Hinn in Nutshell | Benny Hinn ties to the occult are exposed, fake miracles, fake healing, greed and financial money deception. In this video Trey Smith exposes Benny Hinn Free Mason roots and occult practices. Also, Benny Hinn's childhood in the same school as Howie Mandel and the time that Benny Hinn wanted to punch Houston, Texas, Lakewood Church pastor, Joel Osteen, in the face. Video by Trey Smith
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Benny Hinn
Occult, Fake Miracles, Secrets & Greed

Benny Hinn in Nutshell | Trey Smith | Benny Hinn Article Compilation

By far the most controversial aspect of Hinn's ministry is his claim to have the "anointing", the special power given to him by God to heal the sick. At Hinn's Miracle Crusades, he has allegedly healed attendees of blindness, deafness, cancer, AIDS, and severe physical injuries. benny hinn

Since 1993, however, investigative news reports by programs such as Inside Edition, Dateline NBC, the Australian edition of 60 Minutes, and several network affiliates in the United States have called these claims into question -- never once to date has Benny Hinn produced one single record of a medically verified healing. Around the world globally, there are often medical anomalies that baffle physicians (commonly occurring to those of faith as coincidence may have it). However, these type of anomalies or "miracles" don't ever seem to happen around Benny Hinn. By the sheer math alone, and the millions who have sought Hinn's healings, one might expect at least one unexplainable coincidence at this point. Sadly however, many seem to have walked to their graves after giving Hinn everything. Going on 40 years, Hinn's claimed "healing ministry" now generates an estimated 100 million dollars a year and not one healing to show for it -- those are bad odds. But, it get worse from there.

The beginning of Hinn's ministry appears to have come as he was modeling himself after a fake faith healer in Canada named Marvin Schmidt - Schmidt was later accused of child molestation. It was during this time-frame that Hinn was working at a shoe store in the Toronto, Ontario mall. It was there that those who knew Hinn at the time say he was approached by Eugene Ewing, sometimes also called, "God's Ghost Writer."

Benny Hinn Exposed

Eugene Ewing Eugene Ewing is often known for making his mark by setting up "scam" mailing campaigns. Most of Oral Roberts most successful campaigns (including telling audiences "God will kill me if I don't get 6 millions dollars") are credited to Eugene Ewing. These mailers -- similar to scam Nigerian emails you may receive today -- made false claims and sly promises that (according to Trinity Foundation Investigators) were the, "cleverest financial deception of the time." Ewing had apparently gotten his mailing lists from US census records. He is said to have specifically targeted those who marked themselves as Christian, low-education, but also had medium income.

Ewing then took a number of Bible scriptures, twisted them out-of-context, and began mass distribution of literature claiming that God would: Bless you financially if you gave money in your return envelope, and cursed you if you didn't give. The financial success of these initial scams were in the millions. Eventually, Ewing appears to have set-up the largest mailing operation for these solicitations in Tulsa, Oklahoma -- which was later called the "Christian Mecca."

It did not take long before those in Ewing's "inner circle" were the most profitable -- today often called, "Seed-Faith," "Health and Wealth" or "Prosperity Gospel."

What is commonly described by some as the "Devil's Brew" or "Ewing Formula" has an attraction for obvious reasons: "It allows one to conceal income records while taking in millions of tax free dollars with NO visible public benefit whatsoever. In fact, the only people who appear to benefit are the claimed "ministers" themselves." Says investigator Evans of the Dallas, Texas, Trinity Foundation. "They are the poster guys of what the word scam means. And their jetplanes, mansions, and exotic cars are not gained honestly, but at everyone else's expense. Since they're holding Bibles people look the other way. Find me a scripture that supports any of this."

Despite this fact, Ewing, and those who began their ministries with his apparent aid, have thrived to the tune of estimated billions and billions in income since the 1980s. And, although still behind-the-scenes, Ewing himself is believed to currently have an income stream of roughly 100 million a year.

Benny Hinn in Nutshell

Although the list of allegations made against Ewing in the past appears to include: fraud, enurement, witness tampering, intimidation and dangerously worse -- he did appear to get his start by doing fake healings for money himself. One of the more colorful stories involving Ewing is that he would pretend to ressurrect a person from the dead in a coffin before soliciting audiences for dollars. The coffin would be brought up onto the stage and set down at his feet. These performances were so compelling that it is reported, "some would faint." Following one of these "tent meeting ressurrections" it was alledged that the woman who "came back from the dead" was actually a prostitute Ewing had been with the night before.

"Al Capone and the Mafia in their best day couldn't have dreamed this stuff up." Says Barry Bowen of the Christian Post.

Benny Hinn claims that, "God gave me my whole ministry." Some would reply by saying, "Only if you believe god is Eugene Ewing."

benny hinn

Hinn made a number of unfulfilled (religious) prophecies for the 90s, such as God will destroy America's homosexual community in 1995 or the death of Fidel Castro, election of the first female president of the USA, the East Coast of the United States will be devastated by earthquakes, etc., all before the third millennium. Hinn also appeared on the Trinity Broadcasting Network in October 1999 to claim that God had given him a vision that thousands of dead people would be resurrected after watching the network -- laying out a scenario of people placing their dead loved ones' hands on TV screens tuned into the station -- and that TBN would be "an extension of Heaven to Earth." Hinn has also claimed that Adam was a "superbeing" who could fly to the Moon; that God froze the Red Sea with his breath when he parted it; and that Christ would make a personal appearance at a crusade in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2001.

In April 2001 HBO aired a documentary called "A Question of Miracles" on Hinn and fellow faith healer Reinhard Bonnke. The director Antony Thomas told CNN's Kyra Phillips that they did not find cases where people were healed by Hinn. Thomas told the New York Times about Hinn's claims, "If I had seen miracles, I would have been happy to trumpet it . . . but in retrospect, I think they do more damage to Christianity than the most committed atheist."

In 2002, Joe Nickell of the Skeptical Inquirer wrote a critical analysis of Hinn's healing claims. Nickell cited information that Hinn's cures have not been documented by independent reviews, and said "there is a danger that people who believe themselves cured will forsake medical assistance that could bring them relief or even save their lives."

In March 2005, Ministry Watch, an independent evangelical organization which reviews Christian ministries for financial transparency and efficiency and advises potential donors accordingly, issued a Donor Alert stating that "the reported exorbitant spending of the Hinn family reveals that BHM has far more money than it needs to carry out its ministry" and advising Christians to "prayerfully consider withholding contributions to Benny Hinn" while praying for his restoration and repentance. Benny Hinn Ministries is not a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

In November 2006 the CBC Television show the fifth estate did a special titled "Do You Believe in Miracles" on the apparent transgressions committed by Benny Hinn's ministry. With the aid of hidden cameras and crusade witnesses, the producers of the show attempted to demonstrate Benny's misappropriation of funds, his fabrication of the truth, and the way in which his staff chose crusade audience members to come on stage for televised healings. According to the show the seriously disabled who attend his healings are interviewed and then weeded out from ever getting the chance to come on stage. Instead, those who have minor injuries are brought up in their place. Benny Hinn claims proof from the faithful's doctors that healings have been successful. However according to the show none of these doctor notes have ever been produced as evidence to his claims.

Benny Hinn Healing

Another disturbing facet of Hinn's organization is the 1998 deaths of two members of his "inner circle" from heroin overdoses. Mario C. Licciardello's (brother of the Christian singer, Carman) was hired by Hinn to do an investigation for Hinn's stated purpose, "to clear up any public doubt of the integtrity of this ministry." Some speculate that Benny Hinn did not count on the integrity of Mario Licciardello. Whatever the case, news reports were released that Licciardello's findings would likely "destroy the Hinn Ministry." Hinn quickly filed a lawsuit on Licciardello for the presumed purpose of stalling the release of documents. Strangely, Licciardello died of a heart attack the day before Hinn was to give a deposition that would have resulted in Hinn's files being publicly released. Licciardello's widow was given an out-of-court settlement from Hinn Ministries following the death.

mike murdock

Mike Murdock, friend and fundraiser for Benny Hinn, sometimes boasts of his three jetplanes, his mansion, his private zoo, ministry Corvettes, collection of Rolex watches, gold and diamond jewelry and the pet lion he owned. He was speaking once near his mansion swimming pool with myself present -- I believe the context of the conversation was Murdock upset about donors on Social Security and the cost of checks that didn't clear his bank. He said, "Even if God doesn't bless them, the government will. If it weren't me doing this to them, it would be somebody worse. At least I give them hope."

Benny Hinn

Perhaps Mike Murdock is right -- In the end, perhaps we all truly pay the price for the games these men play while holding Bibles in their hands.

For more information or if you are a victim, please contact:

Trinity Foundation

They are much larger than I am, have much more information than I do, and have an ongoing interest in the topic of Benny Hinn, Prosperity Gospel and those involved.

Tell me what you think of BENNY HINN? Share with me. I'm LISTENING.

Benny Hinn | Beneath is the Trey Smith first interview with Benny Hinn's childhood friend, Trish.

A last thought by Trey Smith

Beneath is God in a Nutshell | the Choice | This is one of the first spiritual video I made. Most of the content (the letter I am reading) was written in the desert of Mexico while on the run from Mike Murdock following the safe robbery in 1999. I remember screaming in the blood red horizon of cactus, cracked earth and creatures waiting for the breath to stop: "God! Are you even REAL! Can you see me right where I stand! Where are you!?"

It is a video about spiritual AWAKENING. Check it out. You may find it interesting.

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Trey Smith - 7 Nutshells that may make YOUR world a little brighter place. In the process of writing & promoting Thieves (the book to your right), I have had no shortage of opposition. Sometimes even those who have taken deliberate actions against the project and myself personally. I have learned a few things in the process. Let me share them with you without charging a dime.