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Mayan Calendar 2012 | Did Mayans mean "Awakening" or "End of the World?" Planet alignment is officially explained. Dark "underworld" gods, snake "reptilian" serpents & ancient secrets in the Mayans, Babylonians, Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, etc. are also covered. This encompasses subjects as time, consciousness, spiritual dimensions and current physics. The meaning of the Mayan calendar "long count", cycles of creation and possible "End of the World" on December 21st 2012 are all officially answered. IF THIS VIDEO LOADS TOO SLOW, CLICK HERE TO WATCH LOWER QUALITY VERSION
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Mayan Calendar
Awakening -or- End of the World
Mayan Calendar Explained | Mayan 2012 Planet Alignment -- Awakening or End of the World? Mayan Calendar

Mayan Calendar Explained | Mayan 2012 Planet Alignment -- Awakening or End of the World?

In Mayan / Mesoamerican myth, there are five great ages (roughly 5,125 years a piece), each one ending with a collapse of some sort. According to some Mayan /Mesoamerican myths, we are living today in the last years of the fifth and last age, the closure of a cycle of five segments of the precession cycle.

Not only do they appear to have estimated the length of these "precession cycles", but they also anchored it with a remarkable alignment, the meeting of the winter solstice and what many claim is the plane of the Milky Way -- an equator-like plane that runs through the center of our galaxy. Some estimate it was 2,000 years ago that they calculated this date to be December 21, 2012 --- the end date of the the Long Count. Some claim this date marks the "End of the World," others say that it marks an "Awakening," and still others say the whole thing is meaningless.

Mayan Calendar: What is the clock counting? Doomsday, "End of the World"...or Awakening?

The "Mayan Calendar" is the popular name for a complex organization of time, number, astronomy, and astrology created and employed by the Maya (and probably some of their predecessors) in ancient Mesoamerica (central and southern Mexico and northern Central America). Archaeologists and historians of Mesoamerican civilization generally refer to this calendar as the Long Count. The Long Count has three elements that are shared with the Western Christian calendar; a base date, a means of grouping large periods of time, and an astrological component. The base date of the Christian calendar is the year that Jesus of Nazareth is believed to have been born.

Mayan Pyramid

With the Mayans, the length of the Long Count is 1,872,000 days, or 5,125.37 years. We know this to be so because we know the lengths of the fundamental units of Mayan time. For example, the katun is a Mayan time period of 7,200 days. Interestingly, this figure is very close (within 54 days) to the average synodic cycle of Jupiter and Saturn. Perhaps the katun is an attempt to represent that cycle as a mathematical ideal - similar to the way Western astrologers use 360 degrees to measure the Sun's motion during a 365.24 day year.

In Mesoamerican myth, there are five great ages, each one lasting roughly 5,125 years and ending with a collapse of some sort. According to some Mesoamerican myths, we are living today in the last years of the fifth and last age. The Mayan Creation Myth would have occurred in the year 3114 BC, and the final ticks of the Mayan clock finish on December 21st 2012.

What do you think happens on December 21st 2012? Share with me. I'm LISTENING.

Benny Hinn | God in a Nutshell: file 001 - Benny Hinn ties to Occult, Secrets & Lies

A last thought by Trey Smith

Beneath is God in a Nutshell | the Choice | This is one of the first spiritual video I made. Most of the content (the letter I am reading) was written in the desert of Mexico while on the run from Mike Murdock following the safe robbery in 1999. I remember screaming in the blood red horizon of cactus, cracked earth and creatures waiting for the breath to stop: "God! Are you even REAL! Can you see me right where I stand! Where are you!?"

It is a video about spiritual AWAKENING. Check it out. You may find it interesting.

God project

Trey Smith - 7 Nutshells that may make YOUR world a little brighter place. In the process of writing & promoting Thieves (the book to your right), I have had no shortage of opposition. Sometimes even those who have taken deliberate actions against the project and myself personally. I have learned a few things in the process. Let me share them with you without charging a dime.