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Theory of Everything: This is certainly 180 degrees the opposite from Stephen Hawking’s Theory of Everything. Theory of Everything was made in 2012 by Trey Smith. The Theory of Everything documentary took roughly 9 months to make……. clip, after clip, after clip….. and then more clips, after more Theory of Everything clips….

The video (Theory of Everything) seems to stand on its own even today — and is still a great watch.

Theory of Everything: One of the original Theory of Everything graphics for Youtube is beneath

Theory of Everything: Old Theory of Everything image

Theory of Everything: Old Theory of Everything image

From Trey Smith, about Theory of Everything:

I started in to make Theory of Everything out of a basic frustration with many absurdities I found within the scientific community — often seeming much more politically motivated, then any true science to their claimed “science”…. Yet, they all claim to be in pursuit of a Theory of Everything, none-the-less.

Big Bang: The Big Joke based on a Seance

Big Bang: The Big Joke based on a Seance

To be frank, much of their claimed science seemed to be more of a fight against God, the Bible, and Christianity (which becomes more and more blatantly obvious as one steps back to objectively look at it).

For practical example, their “Theory of Evolution” always comes off like poor marketing beaten into the head of everyone coming through the educational sheep-dipping factory. The foundation of evolution is that over time, things just get better and better all by themselves — this is the absolute reverse of everything here (from the cells to the stars). Yet this is actually the old 1859 Theory’s foundation, only getting worse from there…. culminating in the plastic monkey idols of this modern age which adorn every mainstream museum.

Then, in physics and cosmology — the same problem persists. As if trading practical observable reality for imagination. And, they seem to admit as much — that much of their “science is based on “a little imagination””. But, even that’s not true…… because their claimed “imaginations” are even dull, drab, colorless, lifeless, boring and unimaginative…… Thank God they’re wrong.

But, for basic example — I would hear well-known TV physics guys (which put the absurdity of late night “God-wants-your-money TV pastors” to shame…… their claimed science makes the TV pastors look stellar by comparison) pitching me that Elvis is alive in another dimension and that time travel might be dangerous because you might fall in love with your mother (which sounds strangely like a “sciency” knock-off of an old Robert Zemeckis & Michael J. Fox movie).

Theory of everything: MultiVerse Debunked

Theory of everything: MultiVerse Debunked

This is all merely within the context of their “multi-universe theory” (a theory to get around the precision seen in the amazement of the universe — from the clockwork of the planetary systems right down to the non-random quantum particles making up the matrix of all of it on the base level — like pixels in an intelligent construct produced by a mind much beyond us).

In short, the multi-universe theory says that there are so many infinities of universes that surely in one of them everything came out perfectly right with the “appearance of design”. So, this is a theory that anything is possible — well — anything except for there being a God…. Which of course is the point of the theory…… because without the theory, we all have to accept what would otherwise be obvious.

It has implications that many don’t like…… Layman’s Terms: It means we’re not ultimately in charge (which should also seem somewhat clear). It also means we may be answerable for our actions — which is directly what every ancient Hebrew scroll is directly stating.

Anyhow, Enjoy the Theory of Everything……..

Theory of Everything / Grand Design / Brief History Time

Own a copy of Theory of Everything, Theory of Everything



God is not only real (and that is science fact in the hours in which you live if you have eyes to look and see)…… But further, He loves you very, very much…. And, His creation is not dull and drab like their worn out theories and rambling through which they manage to stumble their way into the depths of mind-numbing, fingernails-on-chalkboard madness that has about as much flavor as a smoke-filled insurance convention in Dallas, Texas.

These are my opinions, and I lay them in your hands for examination……

Trey Smith

Theory of Everything: Stephen Hawking says there is no God. This theory of everything video disagrees

Theory of Everything: Stephen Hawking says there is no God. This theory of everything video disagrees



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  1. pbacarlson says:

    Hey Trey! Ran into your videos on UTube. It is wonderful to see someone with deep reflections and thinking out there. We are short on them. Enjoy all your videos, is stimulating my brain.

  2. Ronda Brown says:

    All I can say is — Thank You… I thank God for you and pray for you,, I wish I was your neighbor,, but then I would never go home I would just pick your brain lol Love everything you do,,, really enjoyed the Holy Land dvd simply amazing.. God is amazing!! Thanks 😉

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