Lucy to Homo Naledi: Missing Link Hoaxes, Fraud, Lies & Occult

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Kanamit 3

The Twilight Zone episode “To Serve Man…” comes to mind when considering the social pressure to convert to the religion of evolution — of which intermediate links are periodically switched out, evident with the media injection of “Homo Naledi.” While past genetics have been the primary focus for a Century and a half, a cosmic narrative is now being disclosed.” Many paths are converging . . .

Spoiler Alert: of You have not seen this episode, skip this first paragraph for now.

In the 1962 episode, a sapient race called “Kanamits,”(notice the apparel looks familiar to someone else’ seen vicariously addressing the world) claiming to arrive to bring about a new era of global peace, technological advances, impervious defense barriers and general oversight, were well-received. The sequence of events was mainly directed from a U.N., military brass and scientists’ reference frame, with head translator “Mr.Chambers” in charge of deciphering the strange language in a book presented by the Kanamit ambassador, found to be titled “To Serve Man.” Upon gaining our trust — they cordially offer to transport humans to experience the utopia on their planet. The intro to this episode, where Mr.Chambers is being ominously force fed progressively-larger meals in captivity aboard a spaceship, all makes sense when, as he is boarding, a colleague abruptly informs him of their real intention: to eat us (To “Serve” Man). to_serve_manHe tries to escape but is literally kicked up the spaceship’s stairs by a Kanamit. In the final scene, Mr.Chambers peers into the camera at the viewers and says, “How about you? You still on earth, or on a ship with me? It really doesn’t make much difference because sooner or later we’ll, all of us, be on the menu — all of us.” This is a telegraph by way of a fictional catalyst, but due to the timing of its release in the early 60’s, was probably not absorbed by many on a real-life eschatological scale: foreshadowing “Directed Panspermia”… the overlord of evolution. Though this took on a malevolent theme, it set a stage for a benevolent narrative to save the day and counter the Biblical creation narrative, altogether suggesting humanity had “alien” seeding, thence guided. Since the consensus comprises moral relativism good ole’ boy clubs, and monotheisms are labeled “extremism,” it’s been open season to amalgamate the subjective into an ecumenical, occult-science religion. In the UFO scene with Mr.Chambers, our world leaders are represented — who could not escape if they wanted to. Notice the Papal/UN “unity or else” message, in concert with “alien Disclosure,” while mind-numbing political correctness is used to keep expression generally moving their way; critical thought is brutally discouraged.

The naturalist show opener. . .

Charles R. Darwin merely needed a pioneered handful of bold claims by the right salesmen added to speculation — not a neat, orderly progression — which he revealed to cause primary concern: “Why then is not every geological formation and every strata full of such intermediate links? Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely-graduated organic chain; and this perhaps, is the most obvious and serious objection which can be urged against my theory.”


Donald_Johanson_Lucy“She had—I knew it—hauled me up from total obscurity into the scientific limelight”Donald Johanson,” American paleoanthropologist who discovered “Lucy”

Berger had the ambition and personality to become a famous player in his field, like Richard Leakey or Donald Johanson . . .

Berger is a tireless fund-raiser and a master at enthralling a public audience.” Jamie Shreeve, National Geographic

In the case of Naledi — of course, this sensationalized discovery is wholly-defended after being presented as a “new species’ of human ancestry” and will ride the same wave made by creatively-injected hominid Lucy & friends. Homo_Naledi_BergerThis secures another few decades of funding, as well. The next excerpt is from a article by Bobby Bascomb concerning a 2008 scenario involving Lee Berger’s previous exploit:

“In 2008, for example, he was the first author on a paper published in PLOS One describing a set of small-bodied fossils from the island of Palau. He hinted the bones might belong to a new species of pygmy-type humans, which owed their small size to a lack of nutritional resources on the South Pacific island. The discovery was popular with the media. Berger was featured in a National Geographic documentary and magazine article about the excavation, but in academia, the find was discredited. Scott Fitzpatrick published a rebuttal to Berger’s findings, also in PLOS One. He argued that Berger based his research on an insufficient sample size and that the island traditionally had an abundance of food, which didn’t argue in favor of pygmies. Ultimately, the fossils turned out to be juvenile modern humans. “He’s a great storyteller in part because he’s excited about what he’s doing,” Jungers says. “When Lee gets in trouble is when he takes off his scientific hat and puts on his salesman hat. That’s when people start to roll their eyes a bit.”

Photo from "NOAH: the TRUTH is BIGGER than you thought......the JourNey BeGins": by Trey Smith

Photo from “NOAH: the TRUTH is BIGGER than you thought……the JourNey BeGins”: by Trey Smith

Concerning these East African fossil troves (rifts & low-lying valleys with mountains, nearby) — hundreds of past cultures have accounts of a global flood. In Genesis 7:11, “all the fountains of the great deep burst forth, and the windows of the heavens were opened. Erupting ejection ports all over the earth were given Divine invitation, along with the radiation-dampening layer of water above the earth; hard rain fell — extensively. The localized “flash flood” explanation (theory on the Melka Kunture/Sapienza website to be expounded) for scattered fossil families is not so convincing in explaining such a continentally-widespread litter. The flood’s strong drainage would pull back the carcasses like a giant bathtub into low-lying basins at and near the sources of the explosive ejections — also trapping them in mountainous, surrounding regions that had just formed — in the horrific sequence of geological marring.

50% of Africa’s mountains are in the area of the aforementioned dig sites, located in the lower Awash River region by the Red Sea, the Gulf Of Aden, and the Indian Ocean. Of course, the archaeology & knitted factions could not point to the Biblical flood narrative without demolishing their timeline, as well as expose the grossly-inaccurate “bone rolling” dating methods, vaporize funds, and render things currently behind museum glass fraudulent.

In the following segment from the Melka Kunture/Sapienza University Of Rome website, where the previously-mentioned “flash flood” theory was extrapolated, they propose it to be an explanation for the 1975 discovery of over 200 hominin species in Hadar;
“Fieldwork at Hadar in the 1970s resulted in the recovery of nearly 250 hominid. Most well known is the 1974 discovery of a 3.18 Myr, partial female skeleton from Afar Locality (A.L.288), popularly referred to as “Lucy”. A unique discovery was made in 1975 when more than 200 hominid specimens were recovered from a single locality (A.L.333)

These specimens represent a minimum of 13 male and female, adult and sub-adult individuals. Dubbed the “First Family” this remarkable collection represents a catastrophic event, PERHAPS A FLASH FLOOD of some sort, which killed and interred the bones from a troop or band of early hominids who were living together some 3.2 Myr. Following a thorough study of the 1973-76 Hadar hominid collection, it was concluded that these creatures represented a NEW SPECIES which was called Australopithecus afarensis. This taxon differs from other Australopithecus species in possessing a series of primitive features in the skull, teeth and mandibles.”

homo-nalediNaledi appears to be another set of monkey bones, but that analysis didn’t eat any funding or come from a team of Ph.D’s  so let us not digress. It’s been the case if a suggested transitional fossil didn’t make it past in-house skepticism, it was either from an extinct species, purely human, or not at all, but new species classifications coming from the extinct — or just the morphologically intriguing monkey end of the business — are going to be more common. It’s the most tentatively-incontestable way to theorize, especially in this atmosphere where science is what atheistic proponents want it to be. Homo Naledi’s assigned place in the professed time scheme is not even certain, and conjecturing on how the trove of bones was “placed” within the cave is another area to repeatedly hypothesize into acceptance.

Postmodernism, Subterfuge, And The Broker. . .

Evolution theory thrives in the contaminated, social warzone of postmodernism; it’s merely “associated” with science. Directed Panspermia, atop evolution, is the overtone of occult overlords using well-funded scientists held in the palm of the hidden hand. Every resource, group, individual, and philosophy that could be used has, is, and continues to prove that this heralded race is not what they are being sold to us as — letting them physically handle you should be out of the question.Kanamit_1 ” . .harmful and painful sores came upon the people who bore the mark of the beast and worshiped its image – Revelations 16:2. Being genetically rearranged is to be made “inhuman,” removing the prerequisite of salvation defaulting to the perditious entities. Not being sure about where you stand, and not subscribing to the narrative of creation by the Biblical God, is anyone’s choice, but it does not pivot the reality of the situation in question. In the chambers of every reasonable skeptic’s heart should be reserved a protocol for the unforeseen, and in this case, I submit that the confusion about who these entities are, and their origin, stems from the refusal to thoroughly search — and respond to — the Biblical message.

The cooperative of occult string-pullers possesses the ability to direct-injected claims for a projected target, newly featuring Homo Naledi. When the machine wants to move, it does so. Despite their insistence, all of this is erroneous. Lee_Berger_1If you believe in this theory as gospel, consider your company consists of people who are everywhere, and so-threatened they feel the need to assassinate the characters of those presenting the slightest idealistic, or even “scientific,” opposition. The mere mentioning of the creation narrative in any school, from kindergarten to the universities, will unleash a legal response ending up in a courtroom and on social media trending with a spitting comment feed digitally-beheading anyone that speaks to the contrary. If you were walking alongside a friend and was suddenly approached by someone who may have seemed questionable, then before you could assess the threat your friend abruptly murdered them, you would immediately be reevaluating that friendship, and justifiably-fearing for your own safety. Some of you who read this have, thus far, bought popular evolution, repeatedly witnessing the slaughter, but many will feel the need to distance yourselves from it — Leaving_Egypt_Moseslike an esoteric group of astute Egyptians did in joining the exiting nation of Israel, defiant to their Pharaoh during the time when Moses issued the devastating Exodus plagues. Moses started out as the violent friend previously described, killing an Egyptian found beating a fellow Hebrew, causing even his own people to fear him. After an extremely-long exile, followed by the transformational encounter with the Great “I Am ,” he returned with an assignment of vindication, ready to lead his people out with real power.

Science and politics are, deductively, occult-controlled theaters: fields plowed by the same set of hands, furthering the agenda of the ages’ culturally-interconnected organizations working, watching and waiting for something. . . someone else. Lucifer_Telescope The whole “separation of church & state” premise is technically a double-standard, considering it’s a subterfuge for hypocritically-respecting the establishment of state Luciferianism; symbolic proof is everywhere. Whether you believe Satan is real or not doesn’t change the inherent message proponents, associated legislation, or the ludicrously-financed, ritual preparation of those who do, while occupying the most revered positions of power and authority. Prometheus_Denver_AirportThis “Disclosure” message concerning E.T. is being brought to you by Satanists rooted all the way back in time — meticulously and ceremoniously setting the table for someone who they believe, with unparalleled conviction, is the Prometheus figure — their “revolutionary.” The advent, within time, is what they are grooming humanity to accept in so many ways. I believe, reinforced by a relationship through searching and researching, in the God unveiled to all through the peculiar characters within the collective of integrated Biblical recordings and His manifest Son. He is the one with the only answer, and our deliverer from a doomed, fallen spectrum  (Revelation 12:9) foreshadowed in this passage while in His earthly ministry, having dealt with two demon-possessed men that clearly had prior awareness of a pronounced sentence, confirming who He is:

“And behold, they cried out, “What have you to do with us, O Son of God? Have you come here to torment us before the time?”— Matthew 8:29

“True enlightenment does not come from Greek philosophers, scientific discoveries or contact with superior beings: true enlightenment is faith in the Son of God.”

Timothy Alberino, 2015




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