Richard Dawkins & Evil~Lucion (VIDEO): True Story of the Smashing of the Human / Dinosaur Footprints


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Richard Dawkins & Evil~Lucion: The Darwinist / Evolutionist smashing of the dinosaur footprints in Glen Rose, Texas to protect the 1859 Theory of Evolution.

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Jurassic: Trey Smith | Bob Enyart

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Richard Dawkins: All anyone knows for certain is that Richard Dawkins found the human / dinosaur footprints important enough to fly his way from Europe to Glen Rose, Texas. At some point later — after the Richard Dawkins visit — human footprints present with dinosaur footprints dramatically changed overnight. It would appear that the haze of “who destroyed the human tracks with dino tracks?” seems to circle around the top Darwinist source for “debunking” the footprints…… But further, also Richard Dawkins actual “documentary friend” for “dealing with the issue” of the human / dino tracks.

For a TON of other additional reasons dinosaurs are VERY, VERY young…… CLICK HERE……. Or, CLICK HERE

Richard Dawkins: Evil~Lucion

Richard Dawkins: Richard Dawkins claims —

“The eye of faith can see anything it likes in the bed of the Paluxy…..” I would note for the record that NONE of the well-documented human tracks with dinosaur tracks were destroyed at the time of Richard Dawkins long distance visit, but afterwards. Further, that Richard Dawkins  — for whatever cause — did not put the images of the actual documented human / dinosaur tracks in his documentary <—- a documentary that he flew nearly half way around the world to make.

Richard Dawkins: 1859 Monkey theory, Richard Dawkins believe in it -- Why won't you?

The human footprints (present in the same rock layer as dinosaur footprints)  were excavated from under two layers of rock.

So, if the human footprints were carved (as Conspiracy Theorists such as Atheists & Darwinist claim) then the footprints would have had to have been carved perfectly (able to pass with flying colors ALL scientific and forensic tests) as well as have then been covered with 2 layers of rock (one limestone) just to trick conspiracy theory guys (evolutionist university professors) into believing that accounts of dinosaurs and humans from all around the globe — most particularly the Biblical book of Genesis — were genuine accounts….. Which, of course, is truly the heart of the issue — It is a fight against the knowledge of our past…. a fight against the collection of ancient texts commonly called the Bible….. The “debate” has nothing to do with science.

Richard Dawkins: Evil Lucion Returns!

The Darwinist “fight” is an Anti-Science position….. Largely grant funded — if truth be told — by a variety of hard-core occult sources if one looks into the matter. Thus the reason for smashing anything that contradicts the old Monkey Theory. Yes. Breaking evidence is anti-science.

To learn more on the Dino / Human footprints — as well as — about the smashing of the footprints, I might suggest this as a place to start.—->  Dr Carl Baugh or —-> Dr. Don Patton

Richard Dawkins: Hate God. Call it Science.

Missing Links have always been the critical ingredient in the old 1859 Monkey Theory.

Though ZERO missing links have been found to date — Darwin fans and hard-core Darwin enthusiasts insist a Planet of Apes style Monkey World existed…… Thus the term, “Monkey Theory”……. In truth, there would need to be billions of these Planet of the Apes World monkey men….. And, that’s not just populations  of billions of Monkey Men we should find everywhere (remember, evolution needs large populations to work (so it claims) <— from which small mutations slowly create new, transitional creatures VERY SLOWLY and VERY GRADUALLY)…… But, when I say “billions” <—- that’s billions of different types of slow, gradually evolving Planet of the Apes men. The underneath of the ground should be rich with them. And, that problem only gets worse when you start asking —> What led to the monkeys?

NOTE: Many of their “Monkey-Men” Missing links they will pitch you in universities are covered in Fossils of Dragons. I felt it was IMPORTANT. The break-down of their “Monkey Men” (using the same charts as in universities) is done in layman’s terms to a simple enough degree that a ten year old should be able to run circles around (and out-debate) any hard-core “I love Darwin” professor.

Beneath is an image of hard-core evolution enthusiast & professor Lee Berger kissing his new “Missing Link”. For a full write-up on their new missing link (Homo Naledi), or for the stellar past history of our missing link’s salesman, Mr. Lee Berger —-> Here are Two links —–> Lee Berger the “Missing Link Man”  — or — Homo Naledi FULLY DEBUNKED.

Homo Naledi


Beneath is a section on some of the men who have researched the Human / Dinosaur Tracks in Glen Rose, Texas.

NOTE: Many of these men beneath have been attacked in their credibility, their reputations, and taken bombardments of insults for presenting evidence contrary to the beliefs and dogma of Darwinism, I would argue that any claimed “science” that has to resort to sheer insults of others in place of actual evidence (or to ignore & evade evidence that may / would disprove such “science” dogmas)  — IS AN ENORMOUS RED FLAG. 


Dr. Carl Baugh

Dr Carl Baugh

Dr. Carl Baugh is the Founder and Director of the Creation Evidence Museum of Texas in Glen Rose. He is the scientific research director of the world’s first hyperbaric biosphere, simulating what earth’s atmospheric conditions may have been before the world-wide flood of Noah’s day. He is the discoverer and excavation director of sixteen dinosaurs, including Acrocanthosaurus in Texas and Diplodocus Colorado.

In 1990 he was co-director of an expedition searching for the Ark on Mt. Ararat. After forty years of research in this area, he directed the construction of a 25-foot (1/20 scale) replica of the Ark now in the museum, and holds a U.S. Patent on the gofer wood process.

Dr. Carl Baugh, Director of the Creation Evidence Museum, began his excavation project on the Paluxy River in Glen Rose, Texas in March 1982. Since that time, Baugh, along with teams of volunteers, has uncovered over 400 dinosaur tracks and over 80 human footprints in Cretaceous limestone. Lepidodendron, were also found on the Paluxy River.


Dr. Don Patton

Dr. Don Patton

Don has worked as a Geologist in the U. S.,  Canada, Australia,  England,  Mexico,  Peru, Bolivia, and Israel. He engaged in dinosaur excavations in Canada, Utah, Colorado,  Wyoming, and Texas. The longest dinosaur trail in North America was uncovered by Don Patton in the Paluxy River of Glen Rose, Texas.
Don has lectured at ten Universities and two colleges including  Texas A & M, the  Universities of Central Arkansas, Souuthwestern Missouri, Louisiana State, and Florida College.  Don has conducted about 250 Creation/Evolution  Seminars in the last 25 years,  participated in numerous debates,  appearing on radio and television. Three times Don has testified before the Texas State Textbook Committee in  Austin, TX.
He is a member of the Geological Society of America and spoke at their 1997 annual convention.  Don is a member of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, the National Speleological Society, and an Honored Member of both Strathmore’s and the International “Who’s Who.”   Currently, he is Chairman of Metroplex Institute of Origin Science, a Consulting Geologist and Partner in the Mazada Corp. of Dallas, Texas, and Staff Geologist for the Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, Texas.
 Dr. Willie Dye

Dr. Willie Dye

A native of Terrell, Texas, Willie E. Dye, Ph.D. has always had a curiosity and fascination with people and the world around him, showing a great interest in History and Geography since early childhood. That, combined with a love for God and humanity, as well as a burning quest for true knowledge, it is no surprise then that he is now in the field of Biblical Archaeology. He travels the world marveling at its wonders, studying and digging up evidence—from Greece to Mexico and points in between—which confirms the belief that a perfect design, indeed, requires a perfect Designer.

Dr. Willie Dye has appeared on a variety of television shows for the History channel…. As well as Ancient Aliens, Aliens and Dinosaurs, and Alien contacts.

As a Biblical Archaeologist, he is among a select group of professionals worldwide. Dr. Dye is a popular lecturer, sharing not only with the Body of Christ, but with others, the awesomeness of God’s creations.

He has taught archaeology for 30 years and has traveled to more than 43 countries around the world doing field work. Dr. Dye does travel study tours and he also works in the prisons, juvenile camps, private and public educational institutions, churches, clubs and various organizations, delving into the origins of life issues and records the fossils. He currently has archaeological projects in Israel, Mexico, South Africa, as well as working on vertebrae paleontology and ichnology in Glenrose, Texas at the Paluxy River Bed.



Dr. Aaron Judkins

Dr. Aaron Judkins

Dr. Aaron Judkins aka “Maverick” is an author, explorer, & archaeologist from Texas. He has a passion for searching for the truth about the mysteries of the past- exposing forbidden archaeology & forbidden history. He is also ​a producer, known for “Finding Noah” (2015) & “Hidden Mt. : the Los Lunas Mystery Stone” (2012). He has appeared in “Footprints in Stone: Forbidden History II” (2013) & “Watchers 8” (2014).

​Dr. Aaron “Maverick” Judkins has participated in numerous excavations throughout the U.S. & Israel; including the Pool of Siloam in Jerusalem in 2004. He is credited with mapping the longest, contiguous dinosaur trackway in the Western Hemisphere & discovering a new trail of dinosaur tracks named the “The Judkins Trail”.

Dr. Aaron “Maverick” Judkins has been featured on both international radio & TV broadcasts including ​”Coast to Coast AM with George Noory” & History Channel’s H2. He is a guest radio show host for ​​​​​​​​​​​​​EPIC Voyages Radio​ on the Inception Radio Network & is the host of his own show called “Man vs Archaeology”. His Ph.D. is in Biblical Archaeology.


Richard Dawkins: A Scripture I thought he might want to look at.

Line-Up of God in a Nutshell Videos to come.


Jurassic: Trey Smith | Bob EnyartJurassic: Available RIGHT NOW. CLICK HERE.



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