Enoch & Nephilim: Full Commentary (VIDEOS)

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Enoch: Click here for Enoch documentary: Enoch Full Commentary

Nephilim: Click here for Nephilim (both BONUS documentaries <— Extended) plus this link includes FULL 2 hour Enoch.

Jurassic: Click here for FULL Jurassic documentary. OVER 2 hours.

Nephilim Skulls & Megalithic Site Builders.

Nephilim Skull comparison

Nephilim Skulls: Some still argue that the “Elongated Skulls” are done by head binding. This argument is true for a lot of elongated skulls. But, many of the really dramatic and giant skulls simply have too many differences for that argument to hold water. The simplest example is the suture lines. Above is a basic example of the differences. Feel free to share this page with any skeptic friend.

Nephilim: A Nephilim Skull

Nephilim: This Elongated / Nephilim Skull was one of the more dramatic ones when first found in Onavas, Mexico.

Nephilim: Alien Skulls

Nephilim: This Nephilim Skull has a natural shape…. A very robust, rounded headed. This is what merits these elongated skulls the nickname “alien skull”.


Neanderthal: What you see above is a basic Neanderthal Skull. Neanderthals were once claimed (per occult & conspiracy “poorman” beliefs such as Darwinism) to be evolving Planet of the Apes men (see Missing Links Debunked). It is now known genetically that Neanderthals are closer to us (Homo Sapiens) than Chimps are to Chimps within families are Chimps. Bottom line, Neanderthals were — obviously — people. Neanderthals were very, very tough, genetically superior individuals…. As you will find with most animals % artifacts from the ancient world -or- the pre-flood world.

Everything here is declining over time.

Nephilim: Largest Nephilim Skull

Nephilim: This is the LARGEST known Nephilim skull found thus far to date. It is — as you can see — a giant (Nephilim) skull.

Nephilim in Enoch

Enoch: The passage above from Enoch covers the Nephilim, the Giants, and the Origin of Demons, Devils, Sirens & Evil Spirits — all quite nicely. It might as well have a bow ontop. 


Nephilim: This Nephilim child above is probably the most famous tiny Nephilim skeleton in the world.

Nephilim Hybrid Child

Nephilim: This Little Nephilim Child is another strange find from Peru.

Nephilim Child

Nephilim: Another famous little Nephilim Child seen holding its head up.




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