Entities: a Journey Beyond the DIMENSION of Angels, Ghosts, Demons & Shadows


Entities: To get the FULL ENTITIES UNVEILING COLLECTION, click here


[youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/e86yOpih3eI” title=”Trey%20Smith:%20God%20in%20a%20Nutshell%20–%20the%20Choice” fs=”1″]
Entities: The clip above comes from Entities: the Beginning (Disc One of the Two Disc Entities Unveiling Collection) When you finish the film please (if you can) post a comment….. or review of the of the Entities documentaries anywhere online. We LOVE to read those.

Entities was produced by Trey Smith and the God in a Nutshell project. The documentaries took roughly two years to make — and were the most extensive & challenging amounts of effort of any of the God in a Nutshell documentary to date. The goal was — literally — to MAKE SOMETHING UNLIKE ANYTHING ELSE ON THE PLANET. And, we VERY, VERY STRONGLY believe we accomplished that.  

Entities: the Unveiling Set

Entities: the Beginning (Disc One). It is 2 hours and 23 minutes long. It covers a mixture of the wildly strange archaeological and the supernatural — a documentary you will definately want to watch much more than once. It is packed (they all are!). For just Entities: the Beginning — click here

Entities: the Beginning by Trey Smith

Entities: the Unveiling (Disc Two). It is 2 hours and 24 minutes long <—– by the way, that’s all a DVD will really hold with High Quality.

If you thought Entities: the Beginning was non-stop, edge-of-the-seat, fast-paced — you haven’t seen anything until you hit play on the Unveiling.



Enoch: Book of Enoch by Trey Smith. It is also 2 hours and 23 minutes long. It is (we believe) the VERY BEST break-down of the pre-flood Book of Enoch available anywhere….. We ask you to be the judge of that. It is a full, easy, documentary breakdown. Entities: the UnVeiling — click here.

Enoch: Book of Enoch

For just Enoch — click here


For full Entities Unveiling Collection (Entities: the Beginning -and- Entities: the Unveiling, and Enoch) <— click here



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8 Discussion to this post

  1. Avatar Ashlyn Schaetzle says:

    Is this available to purchase streaming yet?

  2. Jonathan Rovetto Jonathan Rovetto says:

    not yet but we hope to provide in the near future

  3. Avatar Edmond says:

    Is streaming available for these documentaries?

  4. Avatar Roddy says:

    Trey, Entities and Enoch were awesome… I really enjoyed the videos. I was thinking, it would be really neat if you could release DVD’s of the complete interviews with all the people you had on throughout Entities and Enoch… I think everyone would be glad to see the full interviews and hear more about their experiences and testimonies… Anyway, thanks for the hard work, Trey, I’m really looking forward to Exodus!

  5. Jon Rovetto Jon Rovetto says:

    Hello, not yet, some time in the future.

  6. Jon Rovetto Jon Rovetto says:

    I believe Trey’s next project will be on The Exodus. Hope you got your DVD’s.

  7. Avatar Niall says:

    Hey Trey thank you for finally releasing entities for order. I cannot say ho much I was looking forward to watching it, I literally ordered it as soon as it went on sale and it can’t get get here fast enough as far as I’m concerned. Anyway hope all is well and you keep up the great work many thanks and much respect all the way from Ireland. Do you intend to do a documentary on Jesus at any stage? His life, his work and how many people in modern times try to discredit his divinity and even his very existence, would really love to see what you could come up with.

  8. Avatar joshua says:

    can we stream entities from your site

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