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Trey Smith / God in a Nutshell 9 Disc Collector’s Set.

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Trey Smith

This Collector’s Set contains ALL the FULL LENGTH documentaries produced by Trey Smith and available on DVD to date.

It is a TOTAL of 9 DVDs

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Trey Smith



1) Entities: the Beginning (Disc One) Run-time: 2 hours 23 minutes

2) Entities: the Unveiling (Disc Two) Run-Time: 2 hours 24 minutes

3) Enoch: Book of Enoch by Trey Smith. Run-Time: 2 hours 23 minutes


ALL THREE DVDs SEEN BENEATH are included in this 9 Disc DVD Collection

Trey Smith


1) Entities: the Beginning (Disc One) Run-time: 2 hours 23 minutes

ACTUAL FOOTAGE of Intelligence & Creatures from another dimension is in BOTH DOCUMENTARIES…… THEY ARE PACKED WITH THE SUPERNATURAL.

It really is that simple.


Entities: the Beginning is a journey into the evidence of the supernatural realm….. the dimensions of angels and demons. The evidence, images, real footage and accounts presented in both the Beginning and the Unveiling is SIGNIFICANT.

Entities Disc One (the Beginning) not only starts with a bang by going straight into the examination of actual supernatural manifestations (and often alien looking beings that accompany them) but goes much, much deeper than this; as if the entities you are seeing today (and in this film) in their array of forms  are merely a backdrop to a much, much larger picture going all the way back to pages of Genesis. We examine the mystery and symbolism that begins in the Biblical account of the Garden of Eden….. symbolism that seems to match up tit-for-tat with prophecies….. which also appears to match up eerily with archaeology kept secret on the ground  — like keys God Himself intended us to find sliding into place.

This documentary also examines supernatural sites — that most reading this page don’t even know actually exist — such as Sodom & Gomorrah (still covered with sulfur missiles to this very hour), the ark of the covenant….. and the mystery of Melchizedek…. first King of Salem….. and much, much more….

All with paintings crying real tears and other such madness from every side…. the entire way…… 

There is NO documentary set like this on the globe. That CAN be said BOLDLY.

Entities: the Beginning (Disc One of the Entities 2 disc documentary set) Technical Specs:

Run Time: 2 hours 23 minutes

Entities Disc One is a journey into the physical and archaeological evidence of the supernatural.

Trey Smith


2) Entities: the Unveiling (Disc Two) Run-Time: 2 hours 24 minutes


Entities: the Unveiling is a dive straight into the supernatural…… Wall-to-wall spiritual encounters for over 2 hours all the way to the intensity of the end….. Where we take steps into that other world…. the world beyond this world…. Indeed, in this documentary the evidence may easily lead you to believe that this reality is merely a tiny, tiny subset of a MUCH LARGER PLACE.

Entities: the Unveiling is a hardcore journey beyond the veil of reality….. From heaven to hell….. And a look at the things that dwell therein…..



Entities: the Unveiling (Disc Two of the Entities 2 disc documentary set) technical specs:

Run Time: 2 hours 24 minutes

Entities Disc Two is a hardcore journey beyond the veil of reality….. from heaven to hell…. and a look at the things that dwell therein.

Trey Smith



3) Enoch: Book of Enoch by Trey Smith. Run-Time: 2 hours 23 minutes

Millions and millions have watched and listened to presentations on the different perspectives, views and meanings within the Book of Enoch by Trey Smith over the past half decade. This DVD is the most concise presentation on the Book of Enoch put forth by Trey Smith to date.

In this documentary-style breakdown, Trey integrates the Biblical texts (particularly Genesis) with the Book of the Upright (Yasher), as well as the Book of Enoch — to paint a full picture of the time periods surrounding the flood, according to these texts and supported by many, many archaeological discoveries.

This would extend to include: What was happening at the exact moments the flood of Noah began, the exact details of king Nimrod’s witchery surrounding the Tower of Babel…. and also EXTREMELY interesting insights about both Abraham…. and this mysterious Biblical King named, Melchizedek (“the King of Righteousness, and Priest of Salem” — Jerusalem).

Additionally, the most difficult portions of Enoch are broken down and made easy to understand….. Most particularly, Enoch’s calendar…. And, the meanings Enoch himself stated for his calendar.

  NOTE: If you have watched the streaming version of the Enoch 364 Days, this DVD is roughly 60% or better different — and packed with a lot more content and deeper insight. It is very probably the most robust presentation on the subject of Enoch available anywhere. 


Enoch Technical Specs:

Enoch: Expositional Commentary (FULL Documentary-style breakdown) of the Book of Enoch by Trey Smith

Run Time: 2 hours 23 minutes

The Book of Enoch is broken down into simple, easy to understand terms in a documentary-style format by Trey Smith.

Trey Smith



The Unveiling Collection includes all three (3) DVDs seen beneath

Paranormal & Supernatural







Also, included in this 9 Disc FULL collection are ALL PAST Trey Smith / God in a Nutshell project documentaries.

The 6 additional DVDs seen beneath are also included in this 9 Disc DVD collection.

Trey Smith



4) Jurassic: One (1) single Disc Jurassic Collector’s Edition DVD

Trey Smith / Bob Enyart

Jurassic was released in 2015. It is an extensive documentary on the age of dinosaurs — and also and easy walk through of the frauds in missing links…. And, that question only gets worse when you ask: “What led to the monkeys?”

Jurassic looks at those behind the claims that dinosaurs turned into birds.

Cover-ups in universities to hide soft tissue in dinosaurs, carbon dating results of dinosaurs (they ALL date young, with hundreds now tested to date).

And also, a journey into mammoth archaeological sites of enormous fish, whales, sharks, sea shells and sea life catastrophically buried (often with dinosaurs) in massive graves in the center of continents — commonly with everyday animals (often much larger in size) that we see today.

Further, an easy breakdown of how genetics have been declining over time (like everything here)….. and date the original “genetic Eve” to roughly 6 thousand years ago……

Had there been millions of years — most everything here would already be long dead. 

Bob Enyart — who has spent decades on the radio in Denver Colorado, a common guest on Fox News, having done hundreds and hundreds of debates on the issues such as the belief in the 1859 theories of Darwinism…. Enyart serves up some of the most colorful and embarrassing of debate moments with top Darwinism speakers such as Richard Dawkins front-man, Lawrence Krauss.


Jurassic is probably the most thorough and face-paced ride through the large lizards, animals — truth and lies, fact and fiction — and giant creatures surrounding the flood and pre-flood world.


Trey Smith


Jurassic Details:

Jurassic: Dinosaurs Are Young. All of Them.

Trey Smith | Bob Enyart

2 hours and 19 minutes (Standard DVD)

You will NEVER see Dinosaurs the same.  A journey into the genetics of dinosaurs & absolute proof that dinosaurs are YOUNG and lived side-by-side with man.

Trey Smith


Documentary by Trey Smith | Bob Enyart

Jurassic: Click here for more details or instant streaming of Jurassic



5 & 6) Noah 2 Disc Collector’s Edition:

The Flood of Noah becomes science fact.

With millions of views, it is commonly said to be the most extensive documentary on the evidence of the Global Flood, Tower of Babel, Occult practices both before -and- after the Flood….. and Noah himself…. available anywhere.

Noah: The JourNey BeGins & eNds: the Two Disc Collector’s Edition is an approximately 3 hour and 30 minute unique journey (on DVD) with Trey Smith through the scientific and archaeological evidence of Noah’s Ark, Noah’s Global Flood, the Tower of Babel, Fallen Angels, Origin of Demons, Pre-Flood World, Nephilim, Ancient Giants, Creation, Garden of Eden, Occult Wisdom Serpents, Heaven, Hell…. and even the Dimensions between.

This was the 3rd FULL LENGTH Documentary written, directed, and produced by Trey Smith

Trey Smith





7) Theory of Everything: Collector’s Edition DVD:

This was the first FULL LENGTH DOCUMENTARY made by Trey Smith. This documentary, which has generated millions of views due in part to its controversial nature — perplexing and baffling both laymen and scientists alike  — is often said to be one of the best documentary breakdowns of evolution — from the cells to the stars —  available in the world today.

It is a roller-coaster ride of simple ways to debunk Darwinism — using every science known to man.

Easy enough for a 12 year-old….. Sophisticated enough for any Phd. 



Theory of Everything: Proof of God’s Grand Design:

The Theory of Everything (on DVD) is approximately a 2 hour and 45 minute science documentary for those who like to sit back and take a simple scientific journey into the very heart of the most intellectually satisfying questions: Who are we? Where did we come from? What happens next?

The Theory of Everything provides proof, after proof, after proof, after proof and then more proof on-top of proof of God’s Grand Design in the Universe, the Cells, the Stars, the DNA, the Quantum Physics, the Conscious Mind….. to Time, Space, Matter & Dimensions the Eyes Can’t See.

The Theory of Everything — written, directed and produced by Trey Smith in 2012 — was filmed just outside Austin, Texas.

“True Science is merely the study of how God does business…..” ~ Trey Smith

Theory of Everything

8 & 9) Nephilim: Two Disc Collector’s Set:

Nephilim (the 2013 original) seen to right in image beneath, was the second full length documentary to be produced by Trey Smith.

Disc One is the Original Nephilim. Disc Two contains two “bonus” documentaries on one DVD.


8) Nephilim Disc One

Nephilim by Trey Smith/God in a Nutshell. Often this single documentary, which has captured the interest of over 4 million viewers worldwide, is credited with significantly popularizing the Nephilim of Genesis 6, perking many into their own research journeys of our forgotten past — and bringing to life some of the most controversial passages of the book of Genesis with modern science.


Trey Smith

Nephilim (2013): Disc One is the FULL LENGTH original and has some digital touch-ups, enhancements and corrections to the version that went up for free on Youtube in August of 2013.


Nephilim Disc Two (the BONUS DISC) contains two documentaries.

Documentary ONE on disc Two is titled “Nephilim: Evidence”. Its run-time is 1 hour and 13 minutes.

Documentary TWO on disc Two is titled “As in the Days of Noah”. Its run time is 1 hour and 14 minutes.


Nephilim: Click on these links for more on the Nephilim, Nephilim Bonus Disc, or Nephilim Bonus, or Nephilim Bonus disc Streaming

Trey Smith


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Total of 9 DVDs in this Trey Smith / God in a Nutshell documentary collection


Trey Smith: ALL 3 FULL DOCUMENTARIES from 2016

1) Entities: the Beginning (Disc One) Run-time: 2 hours 23 minutes

2) Entities: the Unveiling (Disc Two) Run-Time: 2 hours 24 minutes

3) Enoch: Book of Enoch by Trey Smith. Run-Time: 2 hours 23 minutes


Trey Smith: ALL PAST Documentaries from Jurassic to the Theory of Everything. This is an additional 6 DVDs (making a total of 9 in this FULL collection)

4) Collector’s edition of Jurassic 

(Two Disc Set) Collector’s edition of the 2 Disc Noah

5) Noah — Disc One “the Beginning”

6) Noah — Disc Two “the End”

(Two Disc Set) Collector’s edition of the 2 Disc Nephilim (3 documentaries 2 Discs)

7) Nephilim — Full Original documentary on disc one

8) Nephilim Bonus Disc — 2 documentaries on one disc

9) Collector’s edition of the God in a Nutshell original Theory of Everything

Total of 9 DVDs in this Trey Smith / God in a Nutshell documentary collection. All documentaries currently available.


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