5777: God’s Definition is Different than Man’s

The interpretation of prosper, prosper, and prosper even more….. could (DOES) mean something larger than a man-based “earth dweller” mindset…… or the economy improving — though it could (or could not) also include that? (IMPORTANT) This year (NOW on HEBREW calendar) is 5777. The number “5” means Grace,  or “Age of Grace” or “Church Age”…. 7’s mean completion. God’s definition of “prosper” and an “earth-dweller” man-based definition are two distinctly DIFFERENT things….. From the eagle’s nest of God’s Word these numbers mean something of INTENSE SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE <—- That applies, as I’ve made clear in the video, no matter who wins the election.
You have two things happening 1) voices from those seeking the Lord who feel — as I do — that “God’s Heart” (as ALWAYS) is to “prosper and love on His children” in EVERY possible sense. The condition for that is 2 Chronicles 7:14 <—- However 2) (MOST CRITICALLY IMPORTANT): Is God’s Word set in stone <— these are fixed and immovable (no matter who wins our “man-based” elections).
I had really wanted to make the video (Trump Prophecy) 2 hours long as there was so much I felt a need to cover…. also little cute things —> like “Trump/Pence” making the sound “Trumpets” when pronounced, etc….
However, I feel now there really needed to do a “stand-alone” one hour follow-up which will hold greatly more precision after it is set in stone whether we — as a people — have chosen Hillary…. Or, Lord willing, if we should get Trump……
NOTE: Christian pastors who are speaking against a man (an imperfect man) who is supporting Israel, who is fighting for freedom, who is fighting for your very right to tell people about Jesus —> I AM HIGHLY CONCERNED that we have Christian pastors doing this. Here is an article I spent much time praying and going before the Lord about yesterday (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOUR TIME BE VALUABLE ENOUGH TO CONSIDER THIS ARTICLE): http://godinanutshell.com/2016/10/09/trump-v-clinton-morality-and-faith-how-one-christian-views-the-election/ or click here
[youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/xzuxTEq-plE” fs=”1″]
No-matter-the-case, what is shaping in Syria, in Saudi Arabia, and ESPECIALLY now RUSSIA…. These eerily meet (not with words from men) but with events seemingly described in pages of prophecy from the very Word of God…..
Here is what I am saying….
A storm is brewing on the HORIZON.
Whoever is our NEXT US president will appear to be dealing — nearly IMMEDIATELY — with issues that are, shall we say, of Biblical proportion….
A next God in a Nutshell update video will be dealing with this — following (at some point) this HISTORIC ELECTION.
God bless all of you,
Trey Smith



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  1. As a substitute of a ball, the scarab is pushing about containing the scarab Wadijet-eye which
    is dominated by a darkened moon, holding the picture of Tutankhamun turn out
    to be a god, guided and protected by Thoth and Horus.

  2. RALPH Bruton says:

    Hello Trey…. I love your videos but the damned background music is so loud that I can only pic out about half of what you are saying…!!! I’d love to hear all you have to say… But I don’t need the DRAMA..!! I even tried earphones but that was even worse..!!! What would it be like if a school teacher played loud music while trying to teach a class…!!! CNN don’t play music when they give a news program..!!! A big fan and student. RALPH.

  3. Hi William Woehl,
    Please excuse my interjection; you can view the videos by going to the library and using the internet to access Trey’s videos. Just a thought……..

  4. crystal clear :-) says:

    Awesome Trey, I agree and well done.

  5. William Woehl says:

    Hello Trey,

    My name is William Woehl, and you have been a confirmation for me of slot of my research also, all I have for internet is my prepaid phone right now, but used to have unlimited access, was curious to know if you knew that all presidents were not only related to each other, but also related to king John Lack land of England (1199-1216), signer of the magna carta? (What would the odds of that happening in a system of public voting?).
    And, many, if not all, part of a “secret society”, mostly masons, I am pretty convinced our vote doesn’t even get counted, let alone used to decide who runs the country, (am sure YHWH is able to make his “vote” trump (no pun intended) any shenanigans by the elite, what are your thoughts on this?

    P.S. awesome job on all your YouTube vids, wish I could see your DVD’s, but hopefully someday.


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