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Cayton McDonald


Cayton McDonald

First and foremost I am a family man, married to my best friend and beautiful wife and all together we have five children. I am also a business owner, researcher, guitar player for nearly two decades, singer/songwriter, and someday hope to finish a book i have been researching and outlining for a while now. I grew up in church my whole life, I traveled the country leading worship at various youth camps while just in high school and had a band that had made it to the radio on several occasions and was getting noticed by some very big people. I ended up quitting the band so i could attend Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri for three years where I majored in Intercultural Studies. My plan was to become a missionary some day but God had other plans for me. I ultimately ended up receiving Christ while I was there realizing that I had never really understood what it meant to really give my life to God. I had gone through the motions but just wasn't truly living the life, just talking the talk. Immediately after that I entered the roughest time of my entire life. I left college hating God because of the people who claimed to follow Him and their actions or lack thereof. I ended up with a massive drug habit and saw the darkest parts of this world first hand. I saw death face to face and I even tried to take my life a few times, fortunately to no avail. I ended up in rehab on my birthday after I had lost nearly every friend I had to either death or prison. Even after this I still struggled for a few years with my addiction but eventually was able to overcome my demons and really started to find out who God was for myself, instead of having other people tell me who he was. Now that is all that I do. I now own a business that God has blessed beyond words and spend most of the time I have with my family as much as possible. They are what is most important in my life, but i still find time to jam out on the guitar, write music and help with the worship team in my church. I live in Richland Hills, TX with my wife Sabrina, my children Ryan (14), Jackson (12), Lola (7), Carolina (5), Paxton(3), and our overgrown German shepherd Hans.

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