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Author: María Azcapri

The Samhai was the festivity for the end of Summer season, it was an ancient Celtic festival, one of the most ancient human fests, that took place every October 31st, at the end of the harvest. The third and last one, it was considered as well, a celebration for the Celta’s new year, it was the end of the light season, and the beginning of the most obscure and cold season of the year, the winter, with no possibilities of sowing, this was understood as a life celebration and renascent through death.

This Oct 31st fest is not a coincidence, it is one of the four akelarres,

Akelarre (witchcraft) – Wikipedia

Akelarre is the Basque term meaning Witches’ Sabbath. It is also found in Spanish with the spelling aquelarre. It is the place where witches hold their meetings…

Proceeding the first one, on February 2nd known as the Groundhog Day, the second was the Beltane fest, and the third, the day of the sun god. Every third day, of each trimester, with the seasons, along with the times for sowing and reaping, dead and the earth renascent. The fourth, the Samhain.

On this one, the ancient druids and their priests celebrated with spirits spells, superstitions and abundance rituals, using a cauldron as a symbol. This celebration, attributed to the Celts of ancient Britain, Ireland and northern France, celebrated the Lord of death.

The chosen inhabitants of the village had to be prepared to receive the druids, since by night, they used to leave a wax gourd, unbleached, in its original orange tone, in the house, where they would extract a virgin damsel or a baby, for their sacrifices. The family did not have any way to save their children, as refusal would end in the destruction of the entire family. Druids would draw a mark on the house, so Satan himself could enter and destroy them on a horrid bacchanal.

The not chosen ones, would leave food and beverages for the druids that came to loot the people, so they would ingratiate themselves to them. On the way to the town, druids, who came down from the high mountains, killed animals on a grotesque orgy, and disguised themselves with their bloody furs and heads, to frighten the people.

JACK-O’-LANTERN: The demonic jack-o’-lantern leaves most historians baffled tracing its spooky origin. One popular tale, tells of Jack who tricked the devil in a deal for his soul. But the origin of the jack-o’-lantern is much more sinister. It arrives from the Druid’s ghastly reverence of the severed human head! They proudly decorated their houses and temples with bloody severed heads. The Druids believed the head housed the soul, hence the light or candle in the skull. The original jack-o’-lantern was not a pumpkin or turnip, but a severed human head!

The name Druid, comes from the Greek word “cuadrus” meaning oak, they used to turn them into bonfires, as they believed the oak would reincarnate in a druid priest and used the plants growing in it, called muerdago, for their secret ceremonies. They also believed that they were one with nature and practiced transcendental meditation…

Among them, were the “Covens”, twelve witches and a priest, whom worshiped and praised the Ba’al.

John Aubrey and John Toland, on September 22, 1716, day of the autumn equinox, in London, in “The Manzano’ Tavern”, Charles St. Coven garden, started an assembly for the revival of Druidism.

Pope Gregory IV, in 834 A.D. instituted the All Hallows Eve, as a Christian celebration, to “remove” Samhai…

It is also, a fabulous opportunity for this consumer society, to pocket some profit for traders…And create some more rubbish to pollute our beautiful world… Great chance for criminals to act free, under a mask…

So, do you have your house ready and beautifully decorated, with faces in illuminated pumpkins, of bright orange color and black, as darkness, references of monsters, demons and witches, and your innocent children dressed as… death?

If the evil devil, is the antithesis of God, of good, of piety. If it means wickedness in its lowest level, containing, as one of its characteristics, the abuse of childhood, pederasty, the killing of innocence… That is devilish! How come you are capable to “disguise” your child as a… little lovely… evil devil? What is it going to be then… Trick or treat?

These days, Dun Ailline Druid Brotherhood, HDDA, is a pagan Celtic Reconstructionist organization founded in Spain in 2010, which supports the practice of a type called Druidism Reconstructionist Paganism, focusing on Celtic culture of Ireland.

The organization is led by Ard Droi / Ard Bandrui, who legally represents the religious association, being also the religious leader of it.

In 2014, the founder Marta Vey was named Ard Bandrui by the priestly assembly, being ratified as legal and religious representative of HDDA.

Maria AzcapriAuthor: María Azcapri



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  1. Avatar Carla Pflug says:

    Hi Trey, Somehow I saw your video about your testimony a few years back and didn’t see anything by you until the Trump Landslide Prophecy video a few weeks back. I fired that video off to a lot of my friends. Just finished listening to your interview on The Hagmann Report from 10/21/2016. My husband and I are fans of your work and I just ordered your mother load of DVDs 🙂 A friend of mine puts together conferences via Hear the Watchmen and we both said we’d love to have you speak at one someday. I can’t wait to sit down and go through all your work when the DVDs arrive. I really appreciated the things you said on the Hagmanns that were an exhortation for the people of God. Your words absolutely lifted my spirit and gave me focus and vision for the amazing work of the Holy Spirit on the earth at this present, historical time. Many of us have gone down the rabbit hole and have seen things we really didn’t want to see, but God wants us to be wise as serpents but not to be fearful. I loved how you painted the picture of what is in store on the other side even if things don’t go as we hope. But, I really do have hope and a great sense of destiny for such a time as this! God bless you Trey!

    Carla Pflug, Delaware, Ohio

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