Entities: A Documentary About the World you CAN’T SEE with your EYES


Entities: A Documentary About the World you CAN’T SEE with your EYES.


To get details on Unveiling Collection, click here

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To get details on Unveiling Collection, click here

Reality is MERELY a part of SOMETHING LARGER.

Entities: Documentary about the World You can't See with Your eYes

Entities: Documentary about the World You can’t See with Your eYes




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  1. Jack says:

    Anonymous quote ‘
    “Why can’t you just post your documentaries on you tube for free this way the word would probably get heard and people would get saved why do I have to buy this knowledge”

    I’ve never understood this line of thinking.
    Why don’t farmers give their crops away, then there would be no more starvation in the world. Why don’t people who want things other’s work very hard to produce give all their pay to poor folks so when you lose your house, cars, and everything else you’ve worked for, the folks who have nothing can have it?

    Nobody ever asks those type of questions, but for some incomprehensible reason, many ask this of anything coming from Christianity. So weird.

    Trey works many hours travelling around the world filming, fact chasing, studying relevant sources, and long hours editing.
    That’s when the real hard work starts because now you get into producing DVDs and depending on how many copies you need, the art work, packaging, etc, etc, then distribution etc,

    This is an incredibly laborious, time consuming, and expensive venture.
    If Trey gave this all away, as so many feel entitled to, he would go bust and fast, then nobody gets to have these invaluable materials and information.

    The fact is, we don’t really need any of Trey’s DVDs to be saved. You can always find free Bibles and your salvation lies within the pages of the Word of God. THAT is the ONLY thing that will save you.

    Trey provides awesome information which adds detail, and corroborative information to the scriptures, and doesn’t take away, or insert a single dot (period) to scriptures. You don’t need Trey’s DVDs, however, if you’d like learn some incredible true facts which can have the effect of strengthening your faith with real historical, archaeological, and scientific facts, then you can chose to purchase one or more of Trey’s DVDs.

    These are very affordable, and priced way below other Christian DVDs by a large margin, and a strong majority of people can afford them. However, if you’re like me, you might be disabled, which I am, or you may be struggling financially as so many families and individuals are in today’s age of greed, debt, and access then you have a choice to forego things you may not actually need. The one example we hear a lot is coffee, for example. Coffee is at least a buck, and usually closer to two plus dollars at most of the coffee shops. There are a LOT of people buying multiple cup a day, and donuts for example.

    There are all kinds of ways most anyone, regardless of finances can buy these DVDs, but some people aren’t willing to give such things up, and want things for free.

    Finally, I’ve purchased a DVD from Trey, and as much as I’d love to buy more, my pension doesn’t really accommodate things I “want” over thing I “need” most months.
    So I either find things Trey has very generously put out free on YouTube, or I come here to his God In a Nutshell site and there’s always great free information here.

    People seem to think they have a right to anything having to do with scripture, I’ve seen many Christians become very angry, and upset at people like Trey, because they think Trey owes them his time, efforts, and financial investment because the subject matter is related to God.

    Those same people would never make such rediculous demands with any other product because rational minds understand how foolish that would be. This attitude is strictly reserved at things related to scripture and that’s very revealing in my opinion.


  2. Anonymous says:

    hey bud

  3. Sara ranjbar says:

    Please anyone tell me where I can find unveiling entities ? On YouTube I can’t seem to find the full doc ? 🙁

  4. que conocimos sus instalaciones en Barcelona y vimos de primera mano los diseños del gran Manuel Mota, no podemos dejar de admirar la firma Pronovias. Es por eso que, en cuanto nos propuso participar

  5. Jonathan Rovetto says:

    Most of Trey’s videos are up on YouTube already. Let me ask you, what do you do to generate money for yourself and your family?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Why can’t you just post your documentaries on you tube for free this way the word would probably get heard and people would get saved why do I have to buy this knowledge

  7. Peggy Pollak says:

    Hi, I cannot find a location or phone number to order the two DVD s on Entities . Your web page is hard for me to follow. If you have DVDs for sale please let me know. If I am to sit in front of a computer and watch then i must decline .
    Thanks’ PP

  8. Jonathan Rovetto says:

    No we don’t have that option at the current time.

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