God of Wonders: Medusae (Jellyfish)

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Author: Maria Azcapri

Article inspired on the amazing work done by Ocean. Juan Carlos Azcarate, my beloved bro.


Iyob (Job) 38:16 Have you traveled to the sources of the sea or walked in the depths of the oceans?


The first critters on earth, or at least, the longest living, are the Medusae (Jellyfish). According to modern scientists, the very first one was the ocean-drifting comb jelly, not the less complex sponge, as it was believed.

Medusae are composed of more than 90% water, and a mass of a gelatinous material, called mesoglea, which is surrounded by two layers of cells which forms the umbrella, top surface, and the bottom surface, the subumbrella, known as the bell.

Unlike sponges, comb jellies have connective tissues and a nervous system, they lack of brain and of a central nervous system, instead they are made with a nerve net. Their skin is so thin, that they are oxygenated by diffusion, and they can be found in every ocean, from the depths, to the surface.








Maria Azcapri

About Maria Azcapri

María Azcapri was born Mexican, with a mix of Dutch, Venezuelan, Spanish and Chilean roots, half Jewish and half Catholic. Her grandfather was the Venezuelan consul in Vienna, during the beginning of WW II. He made sure to grant as many visas as he could to help them escape. That is what made Maria understand, her mission in life was to stand for the people. As a child, while attending Catholic school, she was emotionally abused by the nuns and consequently by her school mates. Searching for God at the Sunday masses, she discovered only adults criticizing each other, hypocrisy and lack of piety for others, specially the homeless sitting outside of the so called “houses of God”. Born in the year '65, Maria grew up with the music boom and the beginning of the era of conscious irreverence. She independently supports the young and the contemporary, being able to understand almost any type of human pain; because, many things that she has not experienced personally, she lives through the life stories of the people who she holds emotionally. Maria is a self-taught, writer, cybernetic, English speaking, truth seeker, Scriptures student, and holds an extensive musical knowledge. She is determined to expose the programed obsolesce, to which the world today is subjected. She is a treasure digger of and for the Heavens; and found her way to Eternal life, by following Yahshuah ha'Mashiah, through the reading of The book, with no doctrines of man. Her second name is investigator and she has been studying for a long time, all types of human beliefs. She does hold Worldly titles, but prefers to be considered as a friend. She has been learning and continues diligently to learn, being led by men of God, Benai Elohim, Alan Horvath’s, Scott Clarke’s and JD Farag’s ministries; All Youtubers. She is currently one of the non-profit translators of the Scriptures, directly from Elohim´s real language, Hebrew- Aramaic. However, Maria Azcapri was, still, missing the missing link, which she found in The God in a nutshell, Trey Smith’s Project. There, she has been given the chance to learn and speak out the truth to the world, in order to accomplish her call, hoping to always have a knowledgeable word and a wise answer for all whom are interested. Maria Azcapri speaks out loud to the last generation, and she is adamant in her motto: I want you and yours with me and mine in The Heavens!!
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