Red Pill or Blue Pill


Author: Guy Micholic

In the book 1984, George Orwell illustrated a vision of our world in the distant future, describing a society completely under State control. Media had become nothing more than a propaganda tool and was successfully used to brain wash an entire population. Total allegiance was demanded, no person fell outside the parameters of an all encompassing control grid, a system that Orwell called Big Brother.

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Many people are familiar with the movie “The Matrix”, a fictional story of humanity caught in the grip of delusion, being used as nothing more than a source of energy by unknown forces. Though pure fiction, it does have some amazing parallels with reality. In the movie mankind is kept in a dream state, completely immobilized, yet in their minds they live out normal lives, entirely oblivious to the fact that they are devoid of any real interaction. There is a rouge group of individuals who have escaped to freedom, though for them reality drastically differs from the delusion which they have been awakened from.

At one point in the story, the group makes contact with an individual named “Neo” who is still under delusion, offering him an alternative to the “make believe” world that he has been living in. After giving him a brief explanation of his plight he is offered a choice between a red pill and a blue pill. He’s told that the blue pill will leave him unchanged, that he will wake up and things will be as they always had been. But if he takes the red pill, he will stay in “wonder land” and be shown just how far the rabbit hole goes.

Many of us have grown quite comfortable with our perception of reality, having no idea that we are being manipulated by unseen forces. Our perceptions have been altered, engineered and skewed to serve and facilitate the agenda of unseen principalities.

This last election cycle vividly proves my point. Hillary Clinton was seen by many as being the standard bearer for women, successful and independent, intelligent and strong, honest and caring, an individual who would be the perfect model for the first ever woman president. Why did so many have this belief? Because mainstream media has portrayed her in that light. This is the same media that has done everything in their power to demonize Donald Trump. Why? The reason is very simple, Hillary Clinton had been handpicked and groomed by globalist entities for the purpose of ushering in a one world government. These same globalists have been tweaking your mind for generations, in ways that I can’t describe, for reasons of pure manipulation. They thought this election was in the bag, thought that mankind had been dumbed down enough to accept whatever contrived jargon was fed to them. Wrong!

God has endowed each of us with the abilities of reason and deduction. So why are there still so many people who haven’t spotted the man behind the curtain, people who still trust the same sources even after discovering the fact that they have been lied to and manipulated. Their choice to remain ignorant only serves to strengthen the powers that seek to keep them under their control. Break loose from the group think and see things for what they really are.

It’s entirely your prerogative to continue taking the blue pill if you so choose, but don’t expect others to willingly be brainwashed along with you. If you want to continue getting all your information from a dying mainstream media as they lead you into a world of total subjugation, then you will be left out of the loop as to what’s really occurring. But if you would prefer the red pill and are ready to see the world for what it actually is, start looking for alternative media sources. They should be easy to identify, they’ll be the ones being labeled as “fake news” by a desperate and dying system of control.



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  1. Avatar G.M. says:

    Hmm, my previous response to your comment seems to have disappeared. I can sum it up with this simple statement: In order to remove “end time” eschatology from Scripture you would have to tear half the pages from your bible. We can’t pick and choose which verses are authoritative, either the entire text is truth or none of it is. There is no middle ground.

  2. Avatar G.M. says:

    From my experience truth is not relative to our perception, it simply “is”. Atoms do not simply appear where we focus attention, they are pre-existent. It is our awareness of them that is created spontaneously. Physical reality does not manifest upon demand but has existed from the point of creation.

    2Timothy 1: [7] For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

    Reality itself is not subject to our interpretation, it continues forth by the will of God. Having fear of it will not alter its course. Denying its existence will not make it go away, though our perception of it may be altered by fear. To love Jesus is to accept his Word, he is the Word. To add to or take away from said Word is to deny Christ himself. The book of Revelation is only one view of the course of events, the whole of Scripture is chucked full of so called “end time” prophecy. From beginning to end the Bible reveals the course that mankind will take, eventually culminating in a final war waged against Israel, along with God’s chosen and elect. To deny this fact is to deny the ultimate authority which is Christ’s alone.

    Again, denying something will not make it go away. The real paranoia exists in the tendency to be so fearful of prophecy that one would seek to alter the original intention of God’s revelation to man for the purpose of creating a more passive conclusion of its meaning. Crossing the Jordan is not a metaphor to illustrate an ideology that excludes the unpleasant consequences of mans willful disobedience and disbelief. It is however indicative of the acceptance of God’s word as is, surrendering total trust in the absolute authority of God himself. There will be no crossing that river without it.

  3. Avatar Anonymous says:

    I love God and I love Jesus. However, my thoughts are that the book of Revelation is being abused and wrongly interpreted in order to keep people enslaved by end times thinking. Keep them paranoid and confused and then you can control them.
    The still small voice within speaks and reveals truth upon truth which has nothing to do with the mass mindset harbingers of so called change. Fixing the finite in the infinite…
    In quantum physics, wherever you focus attention, atoms appear… if that is the case, then getting people to focus on particular things is ‘mind control’ and in direct opposition to the freedom we are promised (and have) in Christ. Keeping people locked into fear and conspiracy is pure deception.
    The best way of finding out the truth is by knocking on Heaven’s door… and getting it first hand.

    If prayer was not important in ‘actualizing’ change then life would be simple. But knowing what to pray is the key isn’t it? If you keep people in fear of ‘the end’ and of ‘sin’ then their prayers will just be enhancing the enemy’s stance.

    So…… have we crossed the Jordan or not?

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