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Author: Jonathan Rovetto

Hello GIAN friends.  I just talked with Trey, he is really excited.  He has decided to create a video concerning the book of Enoch.  He is not going to focus on the Nephilim in this video, but he will focus on the Calendar and some other aspects of Enoch that he hasn’t spoken about before. He is/has been spending many hours of his time researching and rereading the book of Enoch.

Here is where you can help. Many people have written, asking if material would be available to download instead of purchasing DVD’s.  We are looking into doing just that.

Please comment here and let me know what streaming/downloading service works the best for you and what you would recommend.  Thanks for your input.

Many Blessings from Trey and the staff of GIAN.



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  1. Avatar Raymond Paul Moars says:

    When the 364 count has been accomplished as instructed by Enoch and Jubilees, you will arrive with an extra day for the physical year every 3 years and two days on the 4th year. The 3 and 4th year cycle repeats continually. The extra days are not counted as part of a 7 day week nor numbered, they are simply lived. This is why we live in a 365.24 day world, but count 364 days to do as Enoch has commanded for the calendar. The calendar accounts for the full year of 365.24 days by observing the Equinox, for Spring’s start of a New Year, year by year. We simply stop counting and wait till the daytime observed Spring Equinox occurs which is the first day of Spring, is the New Year, day one of the 364 day count on the observed daytime event, tekfuah. Enoch, Chapter 72;

    “In this way he rises in the first month in the great portal, which is the fourth [those six portals in the cast]. And in that fourth portal from which the sun rises in the first month are twelve window-openings, from which proceed a flame when they are opened in their season. When the sun rises in the heaven, he comes forth through that fourth portal thirty, mornings in succession, and sets accurately in the fourth portal in the west of the heaven.”

  2. Avatar Rusty Roar says:

    Youtube then purchase…

    Thank you Trey and to your team!!

  3. Avatar Danny Jackson says:

    I would Recommend Trey to check out the “Time of our Creator” series done by 119 Ministries. They are as extensive (with Scriptural backing like Trey) on this topic as Trey is on any of his. They are on You tube, and their site is

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