A Spirit of Celebration

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Author: Guy Micholic

Yes, the season is upon us once again. A time of joy for some, yet a point of controversy for others. I too have had my struggle with this auspicious holiday, with all of its traditional rituals that are rooted in things other than Biblical truth. After years of participation in these traditions stemming the span of my childhood, I was faced with the dilemma of weighing their worth. It’s true that Christians are compelled to be conscious of their behavior and are warned not to partake in pagan ritualism. It’s also true that Christmas is shrouded with myth. These facts created an obstacle for me to overcome, an intellectual hurdle that I had no choice but to deal with. So, I poured over the many facts concerning the various ways of celebrating this holiday, but that only served to make the decision making process more complicated. Though at the very least I had become well informed of the historical context.

It is my belief that the mind and the heart must be in unison for one to be truly whole and in order to avoid the uncomfortable condition of cognitive dissonance. The mind must be informed on relevant issues, but the heart must have room to be joyful and hopeful, able to express the abundance of love that has been so generously bestowed upon it by its Creator. After much prayer on the matter, God’s still small voice has convinced me that love is of utmost importance. My resolve was to let the trinkets of the holiday fall away while still retaining the celebratory spirit that results from receiving the greatest gift that has ever been given. Simply stated it is Yeshua, the Beautiful and wondrous Savoir, otherwise known as Jesus the Christ. This love is far too great not to be shared and if Christmas happens to be the day when most of the world chooses to acknowledge it, far be it from me to hinder it flow.

In conclusion, given the matter that I’ve discussed and in order to keep this little article as short as possible, I’d like to express with an open heart, have the Merriest of Christmases and don’t forget to thank the Blessed Savior for giving you the greatest gift imaginable, eternal life.



Guy Micholic

About Guy Micholic

Guy has been a machinist for the majority of his working years, after graduating from a technical college in 1983. He pursued the occupation that suited his degree but has always had a passion for creative writing. Poetry and free style writing have been a source of inspiration for him and a way to express things that might otherwise have remained dormant within him. Now approaching retirement, he has decided to exorcize the passions that have until now remained at the tail end of his priority list. Being a song writer/guitarist for many years has brought much joy to him as well.

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