Cold Fusion and Scientism

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Author: Hope Girl

Can we establish scientific principles by voting on them?  In today’s deceitful world  there are many groups of individuals who push an agenda and present their collective opinions as scientific facts. This “scientism” approach was used to discredit the entire field of cold fusion, which was poised to change the world in 1989.  Here we take a closer look at what happened.

Science vs. “Scientism”

The failing of science is not really about the scientific method, it is about a largely unrecognized epistemology that developed as a result of the successes of science.  A sharp distinction needs to be made between science and scientism.

Science is a method of inquiry and the knowledge acquired by that method.  The scientific method involves hypothesizing, experimenting, observing, and drawing conclusions. Central to the method of science is that no theory is ever considered final, all theories are subject to scrutiny and re-examination, and it is assumed that all will eventually be proven false by a more comprehensive theory.

Scientism on the other hand is the belief that the methods of science are superior to any and all other methods of determining truth. Science believes things because they have been observed to be true.   Scientism believes things because science says they are true.

So, true science is simply the scientific method or empirical data. But what is commonly called science these days is actually scientism which is a belief system and is a religion of the world.  By definition scientism is an “excessive belief in the power of scientific knowledge and techniques” It is full of fabrication, and an anti-God agenda.

It is easy for us to be deceived by scientism. For example, we hear about things that have been “scientifically proven” and we assume that means they must be true.  But did we do the experiments? Did we look up the results? Did we analyze the data?  We just assumed that if the science “proved it” it must be true.  This is the breeding ground for lies, deceptions, manipulations and deceitful practices as we will see in the case of cold fusion.

Cold Fusion and Pons and Fleishman

Cold fusion is a form of energy generated when hydrogen interacts with various metals like nickel and palladium.  Another and more accurate name for it is Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR)  When hydrogen, the main element of water, is introduced to a small piece of the metal nickel or palladium, a reaction occurs that can create excess heat and transmutation products. Excess heat means more heat comes out of the system than went in to the system. The excess heat can make hot water and useful steam to turn a turbine and produce electricity.

Cold Fusion Cells

This simple explanation of cold fusion is actually difficult to come by, as most of the definitions on the internet are tainted with a biased agenda. Stating that it is “only hypothetical” and that “claims for its discovery are generally held to have been mistaken”

Cold fusion was discovered by two well-regarded chemists from the University of Utah  Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann.  Pons and Fleischmann had worked for over 5 years to develop the process to yield energy from a simple chemical reaction.  In 1989 they announced their findings at a press conference and were immediately criticized for this.

Here is a short video clip showing the story of Pons & Fleischmann and Cold Fusion

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Stephen E. Jones is a Mormon Physicist from Utah who is well known for research in moun-catalyzed fusion and geofusion along with his involvement in “9/11 Conspiracies”.  In a press conference Stephen E. Jones claimed that cold fusion was not possible to use, and then exhibited this highly controversial moment seen in this clip here as “science by vote”.  Presented by Dr. Judy Wood at the breakthrough energy movement conference in 2013.

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While Pons and Fleischmann’s careers seemed to be destroyed by this agenda, the cold fusion technology has indeed been successfully replicated by many others even to this day. (the featured image for this post is a cold fusion reactor built by NASA)  The works of Pons and Fleishman will forever be sighted or mentioned in cold fusion / LENR research, which means they are more famous now than any of those other “scientists” on that panel that voted against them.

NASA’s Cold Fusion Reactor


Andrea Rossi

One such case is Andrea Rossi and his LENR device the “E-Cat”.   Once again, Rossi was ostracized and ridiculed like so many others, but this did not stop him because the technology works. He’s since gotten out of the public eye and has gone private successfully working on his technology and  granting licensing rights to companies in America, Russia and China.

Cold fusion is but one among several different forms of alternative energy sources that has been sequestered from public knowledge through misrepresentation and public scrutiny. Jesus told us to be on our guard, “for they will deliver you over to councils…” (Mark 13:9)



Romans 3:13 tells us:

“Their throats are open graves; their tongues practice deceit; the venom of vipers is on their lips; their mouths are full of cursing and of bitterness”

As with all the articles that I write for the God in a Nutshell project I ask that you pray about each controversial topic and let God’s Holy Spirit discernment guide you to the real truth behind viable energy solutions and the many cover-ups trying to keep them from being known.



Hope Girl

About Hope Girl

Hope Girl is an American expat living in Morocco where she runs several online businesses and a community center for local impoverished women and children. She holds an MBA and comes from a diverse background. In 2012 she became a whistleblower against corporate corruption and left the corporate world to start her own alternative blog and online business venture. This led her down a rabbit hole of discovery into the world of conspiracy theories, free energy, and the new age movement. Hope and her engineering family open-sourced a Tesla Inspired Free Energy Generator in March of 2014. More than 250,000 people have downloaded the free generator plans and at least 100 machines are being built and developed in private workshops in 40 countries. She and her family run an online engineering academy to help teach engineers about this suppressed technology. As with any field that disrupts the current power structure, this work has brought with it a lot of opposition and persecution. However, Hope and her family view this work as their assignment from the most high God, who continues to provide assistance and revelation to the project, just as he did with Noah when he was building the ark. After being exposed to some of the darker forces in the new age movement, she came back home to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. While living abroad, she and her family practice “home churching” through Living Word Ministries online. She found the God in a Nutshell project through Trey Smith’s movies on Youtube and she is honored and humbled to serve the readers of the God in a Nutshell Project by offering articles covering free energy topics and also shedding light on the new age deception, from her personal experiences and through a Christian perspective. To learn more about her humanitarian project please visit: to learn more about her Free Energy project please visit:
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