Afterlife: The “GOD” TRUTH about “LIFE-after-DEATH”


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Afterlife: Is LIFE-AFTER-DEATH REAL? What comes after death? Is hell a real place? Is heaven an actual realm or dimension? Does God actually exist? All these mysteries of life-after-death — and more — are addressed in the Afterlife documentary special presentation by Trey Smith.

Afterlife is a SUPERNATURAL Documentary on the TRUTH of “LIFE-after-DEATH”

Afterlife is a SUPERNATURAL journey and SUPERNATURAL investigation into Life-After-Death. The afterlife, life after death, angels and demons are now science fact.

Afterlife: The SUPERNATURAL journey and investigation into Life-After-Death.

Afterlife: The afterlife (life-after-death) is proven REAL by science, medicine, consciousness, and testimonies by every person who has died and come back.

Richard Shaw: Pinlight Films

Afterlife also examines supernatural alien-looking creatures, orbs, demons and angels in the “life-after-death” realm beyond the grave….

Afterlife: The “GOD” TRUTH about “LIFE-after-DEATH” was written, directed and produced by Trey Smith and the God in a Nutshell project.

Afterlife also contains footage from the Trey Smith documentary Entities. In these clips, alien looking creatures and a dimension of technological yet likely demonic origin runs parallel our own reality. Also, the largest of all life-after-death accounts of all time: Jesus Christ and His Resurrection from beyond the grave. Additionally, could the mysterious Shroud of Turin contain DNA, God-given radiation burns, and other evidence of the Truth of Jesus Christ?

Afterlife: Life-after-Death is NOW Science FACT

Afterlife is roughly a 53 minute documentary journey into the supernatural realm of life-after-death.

Afterlife also contains music (DEFY GRAVITY) by Anthony Meyer:

Afterlife music also by Composer Mattia Cupelli

Afterlife written, directed and produced by Trey Smith

Afterlife: powerful testimony of life after death by Rock Star and heart attack survivor Caspar McCloud

Afterlife interview Richard Shaw of Pinlight:

Afterlife orb research Randy Clark:

Afterlife also by the God in a Nutshell project

Enjoy Afterlife by Trey Smith / God in a Nutshell. God bless ALL of you. Do something that gives you joy…. as many times as you can. ~trey

Own Entities by Trey Smith:



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  1. Maggie Brooks says:

    I absolutely adore the documentaries that you create. Thank you for all the bits and pieces you fine tune to get such wonderfully truthful results

  2. Thomas olesen says:

    I am looking forward to watching all of your videos. Thank you Mr. Randy

  3. Raul A. Ramos says:

    If am not wrong scientists were able to prove that there are at leats 6 dimensions beyond ours. Trey , i dont know if ur familiar with Hugo Ross astrophisicist. Awesome man of God Just like you. Amazing.

    What the eyes have not seen or the ears heard is what He is preparing for us.

    God Bless and keep you safe, and keep providing you with strength and knowledge to develop more videos for the Glory of our God Almighty. 😉

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