Kim Clement: the LAST PROPHECY of Kim Clement


In honor of Kim Clement.

It was the God in a Nutshell Trump prophecy video that is often credited with spawning the viral sharing of many, many buried old clips of Kim Clement prophesying the future presidency of Donald Trump that are now front stage all over the internet.

Beneath is the back story to how that happened.

Kim Clement:

Kim Clement a man who listened to Lord, sang to the Lord, and gave a private prophecy to Trey Smith (me) at about the age of 15 / 16 years old in the Bahamas on a cruise ship. I can tell you as a matter of absolute certainty he was a precise prophet of the Lord that day…. all those many years back.

[youtube_sc url=”” fs=”1″]

Kim Clement was the main voice of prophecy used in the 2016 Trump: the COMING LANDSLIDE video. This video went up publicly on Youtube (as is dated) months BEFORE the election of Donald Trump. And work on the video began months BEFORE he was even the Republican nominee.

It was the most intense daily deadline driven schedule of making a video I have ever done in my life. And I didn’t publicly announce I was even making it.

In fact, Kim Clement was the reason I felt compelled to make the video at all. I felt EXTREMELY STRONGLY the Lord had said to HONOR Kim Clement.

Kim died several short weeks following Trump’s election as president. He lived just long enough to see his LAST and perhaps LARGEST prophecy come to pass. 

Many had told me NOT to do the Trump video. That this would be a major risk that would ultimately embarrass and destroy ALL credibility.

I did NOT listen to those voices….

In fact, I felt overwhelmingly encouraged by them. The louder the voices of “DON’T DO THIS!!!” the more, and more, and more that I knew it was EXACTLY what I needed to do.

The same type of LOUD DISCOURAGEMENTS that mysteriously emerged like mental torpedoes surrounding the making of both “Theory of Everything” and “Nephilim“.

However, the people closest to me…. Spiritual and Word balanced people (note I said that) were ALL stating BOLDLY to me in private — the Lord has chosen Trump as the winner of this election, no matter how it looks.

CAREFULLY NOTE ALSO: It was what I might loosely call the “religious crowd” (often useful however in many respects) who were as “voices of dissuasion”.

This is what I knew…. and let me state this BOLDLY:

If those I trust and know most…. Those I go to for advice when its critical…. ALL spiritual like the Light of the Lord flows through them and fills rooms as they walk in…. these type of people…. If my sources for advice were ALL wrong on this… If my judgement was truly that skewed…. Then I felt I shouldn’t have credibility anyway. 

I first privately promoted this “idea” of a biblically and prophetically supported Trump victory and window of “turn around” for America to those I share trust at the annual prophecy conference in Colorado Springs in the Summer of 2016. Many quickly lit up at the thought.

Trey Smith, Joe Horn (Tom Horn’s son & president of Skywatch), Rock Star Caspar McCloud

Before I uploaded the Trump Prophecy video, I called one person I trust most. I asked, “would you go before the Lord with me right now…. even with some who have said what I am doing is crash and burn foolish…. Bottom line… Should I upload this video?”

The answer was the STRONGEST “YES” I have EVER heard in my life.

At that point I went all in. I uploaded the video. This was months before the election….

And it all began with the Lord moving on my heart about Kim Clement….. and bringing to my attention one very specific prophecy video of Kim Clement. Then passages about the end times, things others were NOT seeing, began to jump forth to my eyes from every direction.

Trey Smith interview on Skywatch

Just to put this in perspective, ALL the major media outlets declared day, after day, after day that Trump would lose….. that he would lose by a landslide. On the morning of the election Reuters had Hillary Clinton’s odds of winning against Donald Trump at better than 90%. The gambling odds from the UK to Las Vegas, Nevada were 5 to 1 against Trump.

This was NOT 50/50….. There are long-shots….. and then there was betting on Trump. It looked that bad.

Never-the-less, I knew in my heart Trump was ALREADY the winner from that day forward.

And, speaking of gambling (which I am not endorsing) I did have one friend that admitted to me on the day of the election that he did put a little money on Trump based on the prophecies…. ok… maybe a lot of money. The odds were 5 to 1. So every $100 bet would be a $500 dollar victory plus also your original $100 back….. The max bet at each location was $3000.00.

Again, I am certainly not endorsing gambling. I will however say he looked extremely happy at the end of that long night.

It actually turned out his win was exactly the amount he needed for some large financial issues that had plagued his life for many years.

On the morning of the election, though ALL the news basically read “We ALL know Hillary will be the WINNER TODAY”… One article jumped out me like the Lord wanted me to see it.

Janet Reno had died hours before the election…. And I remembered she had boldly stated that God would NEVER allow Trump to be president in her lifetime. Normally I don’t smile at the death of anyone. But, when I saw that that morning, I knew even more strongly…. Trump had already won.

As per the LANDSLIDE…. It was a LANDSLIDE… 

Most of the Hillary Clinton votes “mysteriously” skyrocket in a very select and few little US “politically controlled” counties amidst a LANDSLIDE ocean of red on the electoral map — from sea to shining sea. In short, it appears all the graveyards  dating back to Wold War 1 got up and voted Hillary.

She couldn’t fill high school gyms…. No…. Even without mountains of evidence with the appearance of the most maKim Clement Prophecyssive fraud in the voting history of the world — common sense would dictate she didn’t win ANYTHING near a popular vote.

In short — for Trump to win he had to pull so many votes it actually overcame her fraud…. likely the largest voter fraud in US history.


Clement’s prophecy ~perhaps one of the largest and last in his life ~ was seen by his own eyes just several short weeks before he went to be with Lord.

“I see you in the future … and you look much better than you look right now!” ~Kim Clement

[youtube_sc url=”” fs=”1″]

Original Kim Clement prophecy video (raw and unedited) above



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  58. kat says:

    thank you try for your videos. i just found them last week and have been watching them hour after hour, like, all day long and then start again the next day for more. the video where you bring up 2 Chronicles 7:14: it hit me in my soul. the second time i watched the video and 2Chronicles 7:14 was brought up again, it hit me like a ‘ton of bricks”. i curled up in my chair and just wept! not just crying a few tears, i was shaking while weaping my heart out! you make very powerful videos. may our Heavenly Father bless you greatly. i can’t help but think that your videos will touch hearts and turn many people to the Lord, or back to the Lord. i thank you, also, for ‘introducing’ me to Kim Clement. i love his videos, too, and believe he was a man of God. so pained to learn of his passing and filled with joy, also, to know he is now with the Lord. i have also enjoyed greatly the prophetic input from Mark Taylor, who i believe is another man of God. thank you. i cant wait for the arrival of the videos that also include the book of Enoch. thank you again for your wonderful videos.

  59. Peggy Pilato says:

    Thank you Lord for leading me 1 year ago to the Trey Smith YouTube channel. What a blessing you are for us, anointed by the Lord for explaining the Truth and spreading his Word. Thank you Trey for your great work. God bless you and your family.

  60. Brenda Barnett says:

    I am so thankful I came across you on youtube. It was God ordained. I have been in Kim Clement meetings and he was a true prophet. I’m sad for us he’s gone but I know he’s with our Lord. Thank you Trey for your obedience. God bless you abundantly.

  61. Anonymous says:

    I have been fallowing you sence before

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