Prophecy News: Tribulation Science, Third Temple Tax, 10-Warhead Nuke,

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Author: Zebuon Rogers

China Flight Tests Nuke with Ten Warhead (Washington Free Beacon)


Third Temple Rising: Biblical Half-Shekel Temple Tax Reinstated (Breaking Israel News)


Science Confirms Revelation Natural Disasters – ( Warnings of a pole shift have become more stark in recent days.


Facebook Verifies Illuminati Facebook Page – (DailyMail) In what is obviously a prank.,




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“Zebulon Rogers found salvation in Christ at age 16. Since then he has had a long-time fascination with all things prophetic, esoteric and archaeological. A journalist since 2009, he has served as Editor-in-Chief, Manager, Community Manager and Contributor at game news sites and before finding his niche at the God In A Nutshell project. Zebulon currently resides in northern Minnesota with his wife of fifteen years.
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