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Kevin and Purvi Hadfield (Martus Ministries) individually both have dramatic testimonies and intense backgrounds that are radically different yet share the commonality of being staunchly against anything biblical before getting saved.

Kevin came from a background of gang life and mob mentality with occultist influences and satanism.  He was a severe drug and alcohol addict in his sorcery. He slowly lay dying of kidney failure for a month in the hospital till finally he flat-lined and actually saw demons laughing as he felt himself fall into the pit of hell. He instantly knew that Jesus is God and cried out for help. He was miraculously brought back and healed without a transplant needed! Long story short Kevin fully surrendered to Christ and asked for forgiveness of his sin and even saw a vision of Christ on the cross that brought him to tears. Jesus has delivered Kevin of all drug addiction from that moment Hallelujah! Since being born again the Lord Jesus/Yeshua has been showing him prophecy specifically regarding the times we are currently living in. He has been sharing the gospel, biblical prophecy and ministering to others full time giving all glory to the one who saved him.

Kevin and Purvi

Kevin & Purvi Hadfield

Purvi, originally born in India, comes from a Hindu background. She was involved with Hindu philosophy and practice. She delved deeply into Isha Yoga and decided to devote her life to pursue enlightenment and was ready to move to Isha Yoga headquarters. She was practicing at the highest levels in India when she became severely deathly ill. Forced to return to the USA and live with her parents, she tried everything she could think of to help her. She spent her life savings trying to save her life. She tried more yoga, positive affirmations, new age practices and meditations, chantings, clinical doctors, herbs, etc. Nothing gave her what she needed. She experienced demonic activity such as talking in a voice that was not hers and waking up choking herself in the middle of the night. She was planning her suicide. In extreme desperation, while searching the internet, she kept coming across bible verses…one day she was hit in her heart by the truth of a verse about prophecy. Her interest grew and she cried out for Jesus to help her and her body shook as the demons moved. Finally she surrendered to Christ some times later and repented of her sin and became born again. Everything in her life changed dramatically! Purvi started making videos sharing biblical topics with others. Today Purvi is healed of the illness that plagued her and gives all glory to Jesus Christ/Yeshua!

About a year after Purvi got saved and four years after Kevin got saved the two met as the Lord Jesus brought them together as two becoming one flesh. Kevin and Purvi have been doing ministry together seeking to inform people of the prophetic times we are living in and most importantly share the the gospel in every way they can.

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