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Michael Schonborn interviews can be seen in the Nephilim Bonus Disc Documentary and The Entities “The Beginning” and “The Unveiling” Documentaries

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Michael has worked in the mission field in Pakistan, Ukraine and Uganda.

Michael has worked in pioneering Christian Radio since 1999.  Michael holds degrees in Electronics, Engineering and IT Professional.  He is also a college professor and has been for the past 22 years, teaching Electronics and Server Technologies.

Michael Schonborn crop circlesMichael Schonborn became a Christian in 1983.  He had a Catholic upbringing but rejected the church at the age of 16.  Shortly afterwards he gave his life to Jesus at a tent crusade. As a Christian he found that there was very little Christian media available in Germany other than books.  Already being interested in Shortwave radio , as a Christian,  when  using  his equipment , he found a lot of English language radio stations.  He began tuning into many American and British evangelical ministries.
Michael says that he felt that God was using this media to shape his understanding of the Bible.  Over time he learned that a lot of his immense hunger for the Word of God was quenched.  He was consuming himself with Christian media and felt the call of God and felt a burden to contribute towards it.

Later in life Michael began to study technology and prepare for missionary work involving the media of radio. When he felt the call into this work, at the time there was nothing but total nonsense in Europe.  All media was state controlled and private radio or TV did not exist.  However, changes slowly came through Europe and opened up the media market following his call.  He applied for engineering positions with Christian missionary radio societies and after a long interview process was turned down.

Not really understanding which direction his life was going, he decided to just take a Job and put his call on hold. As he struggled financially for seven years nothing happened at all. He says it felt like he was sent into some spiritual desert and nothing really materialized. He felt like he was just a guy sitting in the backbench of the church, forgotten and ignored.  Then suddenly things began to change.  The whole thing came back to life, as a colleague where he was working asked if he could help set up a private radio station in Uganda.Michael Schonborn
Although a bit hesitant, Michael agreed.  Through negotiation they agreed to airtime access for Christian radio in exchange for the radio hardware.  Because of his expertise in the field of electronics, Michael was able to build a radio station for only a few thousand dollars, which would have cost about 10k to 20k.   Michael’s hard work had paid off and he knew he was not forgotten.  He did not realize that the place in Uganda, called Gulu, was a place of immense suffering, as it had been entangled in civil war for the last 20 years. Many people were ready for the Gospel. There were quite a few ministries that came onboard during this time. The region that had been battered and destroyed heard the message of the Gospel for the first time.

Michael was humbled when on visiting after the station had run for a year that it was elementary in some local revival which took place at the same time. As the revival took shape peace returned to the region. At that time the Government radio station had closed down.  For a period of one to two years the station was the only local media outlet in the region and then change came again.  As peace returned to the region more radio stations came to the area and the little outlet did not survive the competition.  Michael had to close down after 7 years of operation.  During this time his favorite verse became Romans 10:17, “Then Faith is by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” Michael felt that radio is a key media for spreading the gospel.  Later he got involved in pioneering a satellite radio outlet which would eventually cover 90% of the world’s population and was dedicated to preaching the word of God 24/7. This project lasted for 7 years before it had to close down.

Michael is now working with a Pastor by the name of Dale Gentry out of Austin, Texas.  He is establishing a radio outlet which is broadcasting via the internet.  Michael works from his studio in England.  Michael says that Dale Gentry has been preaching for many years and many people know him and treasures his insights.

Michael Sconborn says,  “For the future, I am keen to promote Christian radio and to help generate outlets which cater to the needs of the body of Christ, the church and the unreached with the message of the Geospe. The biggest issue I sees within the church today is deception, strong delusion and walking away from simple biblical truth.  Satan’s tactics are to keep people away from an understanding of the Sound Doctrine, The True Gospel.  We must as Christians tear down fortresses of deception with strength, conviction, and strong arguments.         I believe my call , my mission in life is to fight Satan’s Demises and Tactics  and to use radio as means to oppose these damaging trends.”

Michael Schonborn met Trey Smith as he was researching some gross misconduct of mega preachers, most of who seemed to struggle to walk the straight and narrow path.  Michael says he is encouraged by Trey’s work to highlight errors in the arena and also fight deception and delusions in the world.
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