HolyLand: Israel like you’ve never SEEN IT


HolyLand (ISRAEL)

HolyLand: The documentary HolyLand was filmed in both New York and Israel; primarily Israel.

Following the election of Donald Trump, Rick Derringer (who had done music used by past presidents, including now Trump) got in-touch with Trey Smith through mutual friend Caspar McCloud.

I really feel like the Lord took us on this trip, and sortof put it together. All of it.

I hope you enjoy the films.

More than that — I just pray you have great joy in your lives. And, that the Lord protect you and your families…. Your loved ones…. That He lead you on your own journeys — just like you see HE did for us right on unscripted film all over Israel….. even in the dangerous parts sometimes.

It is an unusual thing to watch. It is an honor to lay it in your hands. I also pray you can watch it many times and find more and more in it.

Thank you for watching these documentaries.

May God bless your life,

~Trey Smith


HolyLand: The HolyLand Two Disc Collectors Set (plus Derringer & Meyer CDs)

One (1) copy of HolyLand: Jerusalem (Disc One)

One (1) copy of HolyLand: Sodom & Gomorrah to the Sea of Galilee (Disc Two)

One (1) copy of Rick Derringer’s Gospel Rock Project (Music CD)

One (1) copy of Anthony Meyer: Fingerprints (Music CD)

HolyLand: Jerusalem (Disc One)

Disc One (with a run-time of roughly 1 hr. 33 minutes) is an unusual Journey through Jerusalem, Jericho and Empty Tomb of Jesus Christ.

This is NOT the tour bus version of Israel.

NOTE: Disc One and Two are designed to go together as a set.

HolyLand: Sodom and Gomorrah to the Sea of Galilee (Disc Two)

Disc Two (DVD with a run-time of roughly 1 hr. 35 minutes) is an unusual Journey from the actual ruins of Sodom & Gomorrah all the way to Galilee where Jesus walked on the water. (with a run-time of roughly 1 hr. 33 minutes) is an unusual Journey through Jerusalem, Jericho and Empty Tomb of Jesus Christ.

This is NOT the tour bus version of Israel.

NOTE: Disc One and Two are designed to go together as a set.

Anthony Meyer: Fingerprints (CD)

  1. Fingerprints
  2. Defy Gravity
  3. The Potter
  4. Here at Your Feet
  5. Invisible God
  6. Make Some Noise
  7. Meet Me Halfway
  8. My Child (Feat. Chellsie Nelson and Cole Martin)
  9. Who You Are (Feat. Chellsie Nelson)
  10. You Are

Rick Derringer: Gospel Rock Project

Rick Derringer: Gospel Rock Project

  1. One Way (guest guitar by, Phil Keaggy)
  2. Inside You
  3. Read the Word, Live it Too
  4. Dawn of Love (guest vocals, Mark Farmer)
  5. High City (New Jerusalem)
  6. I.O.U.
  7. Turn on the Light
  8. Praise the Lord (guest vocals, John Schlitt / Saxophone, Edgar Winter)
  9. Still Alive and Well (guest vocals, Edgar Winter)
  10. Fill the Void
  11. (You’re My) Champion
  12. Urban Word (guest rapper, Urban Disciple)

Rick Derringer Rock Music Project



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4 Discussion to this post

  1. Edward says:

    We love Trey Smith’s early GIN videos. This Holy Land video is a real letdown. You get more video of his drone than anything significant in the Holy Land. It is like a movie length commercial filled with teasers, all the time you are waiting for the movie/documentary to start but never does. Very brief unorganized segments with no rhyme or reason. Trey jumps from scene to scene, opposite to opposite stories from food, music, drones, Bible facts and other info in what appears to be totally random order. Not unlike a home video with the good moments edited out. Scenes of places in the Holy Land briefly flashed on screen, commented over or otherwise thrown to you as a bone. Left wondering if we bought an extended commercial, waiting to see if we need to buy additional sets to get the real documentary. We love you Trey, but this pretty much ended our journey with new GIN videos.

  2. David Graf says:

    Open your eyes and see…open your ears and hear

  3. Boyd says:

    From one that knows what it is like to travel into countries without the so called papers (needed) it will be the first DVD I purchase. Spending time face to face with the people is a bonus. This is not your average tour bus pop church visit for sure and I’m game on that.

  4. Steven Katz says:

    I only watched the 30 minute clip on youtube, but I don’t get this “documentary”. Is it basically a travel video, showing the behind the scenes areas of Israel for those that can’t make the trip personally, combined with comparisons to going backstage with trailblazing rockstar Rick Derringer? I hate to write this comment because I pretty much love everything Trey has done, but this film does not seem to have a compelling theme and the value that Rick brings isn’t clear.

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