YHVH: the GOD dimension is a journey into the first sentence of the Book of Genesis.

To get YHVH: the GOD Dimension, click here.


To get YHVH: the GOD Dimension, click here.

YHVH: the GOD dimension is a journey into the first sentence of the Book of Genesis. Literally, all history, is prophetically told – and dimensionally proven fact, by merely the first sentence of Genesis.

The Torah (the first five books of the Bible) are written in Hebrew; the Hebrew language (in its original form) is the first language of earth. Hebrew and the Torah are written in a dimensional language with dimensional properties. This video (YHVH: the GOD dimension) explores those properties.

Hebrew is and can be called ~ the tongue of angels and men.


YHVH: the God Dimension (Front of DVD).

YHVH: the GOD dimension (Back view of DVD)

YHVH: the GOD dimension (Inside DVD insert)

To get YHVH: the GOD Dimension, click here.



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  1. CONSTANCE Deise says:

    I have been looking for someone to teach like Zola Levitt did when he was alive and you are the one. Thank you

  2. Ricky Lambert says:

    Trey, I admire you and your work. God has his hand on you. Now, let me explain what I know about that. Years ago, while in prayer, I opened the book of JOB and began reading. Got to the scene where The Father ask Satan had he considered tempting JOB. Satan’s reply opened my eyes to a mystery. “Satan said he would but it was useless because Father had His hand over JOB and his family.” Wha?? I coupled that with, “You have not because you ask not.” So I began that very day by asking God to appoint His Angels over my family. To supply a “Job’s Hedge of protection” around my entire house, my sons & daughters, their spouses and children. And for my part I promised Father that whenever he arranged for my eyes to fall on a timepiece that read a single successive number – i.e. = 1:11 or 3:33 or 5:55 or 10:10, 12:12 – I would pause whatever I was doing, take a minute to say aloud a simple prayer of thanks for whatever was in my heart at that moment. It mattered not if I was talking on the phone to a Doctor or walking in a crowded mall with friends. Soon I began to see how Father would call on me to meet Him in prayer 5, 7, 10 time a day. It was Amazing! He’d even aroused me at 4:44 in the morning. I loved it. All the while my house has been under His Hand of Protection. Sure, life happens but compared to others God has made His actions observable, worthwhile and simply magnificent! So, now I’ve been directed to lift the basket from the candle. Shout this to the world in order to show Father’s power over His elect children all around the planet. God say’s, “Try Me”. So, I begin today by telling you that you might tell your audience about the Power of Prayer when our faith is linked to the will of Jesus for us. If we will follow Father’s plan we can ask for anything and trust His will be done. Thanks Trey. May God continue to bless us all from His magnificent, never ending storehouse of grace. ~RickLambert~

  3. God says:

    Come on

  4. God says:


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