Trump to be Minted on Temple Half Shekel


Exodus 30:13-16 This is what everyone who is numbered shall give: half a shekel according to the shekel of the sanctuary (the shekel is twenty gerahs), half a shekel as a contribution to the Lord. Everyone who is numbered, from twenty years old and over, shall give the contribution to the Lord. The rich shall not pay more and the poor shall not pay less than the half shekel, when you give the contribution to the Lord to make atonement for yourselves. You shall take the atonement money from the sons of Israel and shall give it for the service of the tent of meeting, that it may be a memorial for the sons of Israel before the Lord, to make atonement for yourselves.”

The Sanhedrin of Israel is back in the news. The Sanhedrin reconvened in 2005 after a 1,600-year absence. They oversee legal matters and future construction of the pending third temple.

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The Sanhedrin is going to mint a coin with the likeness of United States President Donald Trump and King Cyrus on one side of the coin. The coin is the half shekel Temple tax. The tax is per the law. If you are 20 years old or older, you owe one half shekel to God. It does not matter how much money you have. There is no sliding tax scale with God.

A coin with the likeness of Donald Trump will be presented for the atonement of the son of Israel. Notice, there are two gentile leaders on the coin dedicated to the future Jewish Temple. WHAT???


Rabbi Hillel Weiss, Chairman of the Mikdash & Tsion Association, Sanhedrin Spokesman has made some fascinating comments.

“Cyrus and Balfour, non-Jews who played an enormously important role in Jewish history fell short and their political success suffered as a result. Trump’s political agenda can only succeed if it is focused on building the Third Temple on the place that God chose: the Temple Mount. He must not advance any two-state solution or this will lead to his downfall,” warned Rabbi Weiss.

“President Trump cannot allow the Arabs to believe that half of Jerusalem, let alone the Temple Mount, will fall to them. This coin should serve as a sign of our gratitude as well as a reminder of what still needs to be done. Anyone who owns this coin is showing that he agrees with both of these aspects: the gratitude for what Trump has done and the cautionary reminder that Jerusalem is the place of the Jewish Temple.”

“The mitzvah (Mosaic Law) is for Jewish men of specific ages to sanctify the coin to the Temple. Until the Temple is built, it is not possible to sanctify anything to the Temple. This coin is intended to help in preparations for the Temple and anyone can take part in that at any time.”

If necessary, moneys raised from the sale of the coin can be used for construction of the Temple.


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2 Discussion to this post

  1. Paul Lehr Paul Lehr says:

    Excellent observation…these posts are written with the intent of generally not drawing a conclusion. My point is to get people to think and respond. Thanks for your participation. Paul

  2. Avatar Stephen Lawrence says:

    I may have mentioned it before, but still I have no answer.
    Is all this zionist israel a nwo set up? Are the occultists feigning prophecy?
    I see now God will use His enemies to make a point, is thta whats going on?
    As I see it, modern history is entirely corrupt, the zionists destroyed Hitler, much the same as they have used Murica to destroy Saddam, Gadaffi, and presently Assad.
    We are compelled to believe in a lie, the holocaust, the allied/soviet destruction/ holocaust of post ww2 Germany goes unreported.
    Palestine was earmarked by the zionists and the British enabled this, it wasn’t some kind of altruistic gift.
    What of the people of Palestine, the refugees, how have they been treated? Lets look at what people do, rather than what they say…
    Is modern Israel a Christian nation? No, do they believe in Jesus? No.
    Where did the modern Jew come from? Is there an established relationship between the dispersed Jews and the present imposters?
    America throws it’s weight behind Israel. Is America a christian nation? No Murica is the winged serpent Queazacotyl.
    So where does this leave us with present day Israel? Is it a zionist ambition toward a one world govt?
    Could they harness the prayer of the devotees?
    The pope, the jesuit and the catholic can deceive the entire world with their false rhetoric, so why not the Jews?
    I see reporting also which is biased in favour of your own nation, Murica.
    I don’t believe the propaganda America profuses, or the aspect on prophecy of gog and magog, I don’t know about modern Israel, and modern Jerusalem being entirely accurate either, I have suspicions Jerusalem is America is Babylon. Certainly I don’t see world events from an american point of view
    I see Putin as another Hitler the west would love to destroy or depose.
    I’d like to see a follow through on much of your commentary, it often does not reach a conclusion…
    thats all. stephen

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