Tony Winkler


Tony Winkler

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  1. Laura Winkler Laura Winkler says:

    Hi everyone,
    We currently are trying to resolve these issues with our server. We appreciate your patience.
    God bless,

  2. Avatar tinarowe0 says:

    I’m hoping this error will be fixed soon as I’m still not able to watch

  3. Avatar tinarowe0 says:

    Still unable to play, I’m hoping this error will be fixed soon.

  4. Avatar kholland1970 says:

    Still not able to watch.

  5. Avatar lesleymorell1971 says:

    videos wont play.

  6. Folks you need to get this right. Not a good experience when I come in as a partner and can’t watch anything. It just won’t load 🙁

  7. Avatar robert_adkins42 says:

    This video has no sound. I’m not able to listen to any videos. For me its not about the money but I really wanted to learn more about the book of Enoch. Also, just wanted to say that even though there has been scoffers about Donald trump becoming president the temple coin is a greater way of honoring the man.

  8. Avatar kholland1970 says:

    The only way I can get into the partner area is to go back to my email and click the receipt/number which brings me here but is there a way to directly sign in on site?
    Also cant watch Satan. Error screen for 5 days.

  9. Avatar vance says:

    not understanding this add exception. we made an email and password with god n a nutshell when we paid for the partnership, yet it has not been an easy process to find this login. do we now have to go in through facebook, twitter, ect to get into this partnership?

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