Dear Christian: What’s It All About?


I honestly believe that as believers in JESUS, we “Christians” are missing a lot. It’s me, I’m aware of that, but it’s also the Church as a whole, I believe. If we really all stood in the authority and power that JESUS gave to us through HIS HOLY SPIRIT, then things wouldn’t be the way they are in this world. I’m not talking about a “religious right”, or a Republican revolution. I’m talking about JESUS pouring out HIS SPIRIT on all flesh so that we can prophesy, dream dreams, heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons…..freely give because we have freely received. It’s like we believe that we’re doing all that we can now, but that’s a lie from the pit of satan’s arm, or something like that. The Bible clearly states in 2 Peter 1:3-4 that everything we need to participate in the divine nature has already been given to us through GOD’s divine power. That’s pretty clear, yet we seem to lack understanding or faith in that passage of Scripture. It is true, or it wouldn’t be in the Bible, so we’re missing out big time on a crucial point that can change the world!

So many times we’ve heard various Christian speakers give us the pep-talk about turning the world upside-down for JESUS. Well, let me inform you, the world is already upside-down! 2 Peter 1:3-4 and Acts 1:8 (among tons of other Scriptures) tell us that we can turn the world right side up for JESUS!!! The only reason that isn’t happening on the scale that it should be happening, I believe, is that I am not trusting in HIS WORD as I need to. The Church is not trusting in HIS WORD as we need to! Instead of a powerful world-changing body of love, the Church has become a benign life-draining social club for the most part. Even the most blessed bodies of believers in the most anointed worship services with the wisest and most anointed pastors seem to be stuck in the tar pits compared to what the followers of the WAY were doing in the book of Acts. We’re truly missing something.

We get so distracted by life happening around us, and so overwhelmed by those same life circumstances at times, that we totally miss the TRUTH that we can actually walk on top of the water. We get so focused on the problems that when we see the SOLUTION, we mistake HIM for a bigger problem, much like the disciples did when they saw JESUS walking toward them on the water during a storm on Lake Galillee. satan has a intriguing way of putting some sort of spiritual magnifying glass on adverse situations in order to cause us to think that it’s too big for JESUS to handle or, even worse, that JESUS is really an addition to our problem. Common spiritual sense tells us that’s a joke, but it happens to each of us time after time. We can teach something to the masses, then fall on our faces in that very situation. We can cast out demons by the dozens while singing a song, then become overwhelmed and deceived by those very demons because we somehow became complacent in our walk with JESUS.

Maybe we get so consumed by what we think is “our ministry” that we totally overlook the ministry that the LORD has right in front of our faces day after day. “My ministry”. I don’t even like the sound of those words together any more. Whatever ministry I do from now on, I don’t want my name on it. It’s not mine. I’m not doing it. I can’t take credit for something I can’t do on my own. If I were a musician, I couldn’t sing or play an instrument without the grace of GOD even giving me another breath to play the music, let alone the anointing that causes the guitar to play beyond human ability, or the voice to sing beyond human ability, or the words that flow from the tongue that exalt the LORD even when the musician is in the deepest rut.

It is divine inspiration, grace, and anointing of the HOLY SPIRIT that fuels, drives, and executes every ministry in JESUS’ name. There is no “me” involved, except as a humble vessel willing to be used for whatever purpose in whatever situation the MASTER sees fit.



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  1. Avatar iStone57 says:

    If you’re not comfortable with the New American Standard translation, or the New International Version (NIV) translation, I suggest the translation that the Pilgrims brought to the New World, and the early American settlers used for centuries – The 1599 Geneva Bible. It is written in Old English, but there are versions with modern English translations of that Bible. The 1599 Geneva Bible is my go-to Bible for accuracy when reading an English-only version. The transliteration is impeccable, greatly comparable to original texts. All Scripture is God-breathed. Not all modern translations are. Many seem to have an agenda behind them. I look at most of them, but for accuracy and inspiration, I prefer the 1599 Geneva Bible.

  2. Avatar Scott Bitz says:

    “not trusting in HIS WORD”. Which WORD? There are currently at least a hundred English versions of the Bible, some slightly, and some drastically different from one another. There are also over six hundred protestant denominations that don’t agree with one another. I don’t mean to be a pessimist, but WE need a miracle. This might qualify: I can’t confirm the veracity of this report, since the originators have (apparently) disappeared and other sites that host it haven’t (yet) answer questions, but it gives me hope.
    God Bless

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