PreFlood: The PreFlood World of Genesis

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This is a documentary about the preflood world with a run time of roughly 2 hours and 30 minutes.

This film was released in January of 2020. In this new documentary by Trey Smith, you will go on a journey into the world before the flood of Noah. Also, you will be entering Egypt and the Exodus. The Eye on the Pyramid, or Eye of Horus, or Hebrew Eye (Ayin) is also heavily covered in this full length documentary.

PreFlood is likely one of the BEST EXAMINATIONS of the PREFLOOD WORLD ever in print. It is an easy fully illustrated walk-through, with full color images, timelines and artifacts. The book is a journey from the beginning of creation, to the origin of time and reality, Genesis, Enoch, and more….

PreFlood: Front of Book

Back of book (seen beneath).

PreFlood: Back of Book

The book debunks entirely Darwin’s 1859 Theory of Evolution. But, goes way beyond this to peering into the world before the flood of Noah.

It begins by taking you through the mysterious properties of the Book of Genesis.

PreFlood: The Symbols hold Secrets

The book also contains imagery and explanations as they relate to Nephilim, fallen angels, demons, aliens and other creepy crawlies.

PreFlood: Legends of the Flood

It is also a journey through the Book of Enoch and Book of Jasher, and a variety of ancient Sumerian texts. Moreover, it takes you from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, to the wooden cross (another tree) upon which the “Son of Man” was crucified. The Holy Grail of all supernatural accounts on earth, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

PreFlood: Bloodlines

PreFlood goes from there into the blood-lines from before the flood, leading through Noah and his sons, through the linage leading to Nimrod, and also the linage leading to Abraham, and Jesus Christ. We also shed special light on the mystery of these garments given to Adam and Eve by God Himself.

PreFlood: Actual front of book

A PreFlood journey by Trey Smith is easy enough for a 5th grader, and intellectually satisfying enough for a Phd..

It also looks cool anywhere you read it, and table you set it down on (our view).


The book is 118 pages and is 11 x 8.5 inches landscape. It is full color HD images of artifacts, locations, charts, graphs, and other demonstration materials. You’re gonna love it!

PreFlood: Actual back of book

And, here is what is looks like (beneath) in its complete set. But, it is perfect and a rockin roll ride all on it own as well.

Trey Smith



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