Joseph Conspiracy: Full Film

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Trey’s Notes: Trey Smith and Mike Hughes have done a number of trips together, and some interest has been on the real history of Egypt. 

It is an unusual look at Egypt, and the truth of Joseph in Egypt. 

Mike Hughes accompanied Trey Smith to Egypt during the filming of the Exodus to be released in 2020 by the God in a Nutshell project. The above roughly 55 minute presentation was put together and produced by Mike Hughes based on one of such trips to Egypt. 

Partners: God in a Nutshell Partners Area Explained

Mike Hughes, an inventor who developed many products for U-Haul over the years as well as most automotive products for most every auto store, is also the developer of a health supplement called, Rocketman

Hughes has been involved for many decades with the exploration and excavation of largely Biblical sites. In the presentation above, journeys are taken into some of the roughest areas of back Egypt where most tourists will likely never go. 

Mike Hughes also felt so strongly that this time-frame surrounding 2020 and beyond was a “Joseph period” that he made the commemorative coins for it ~ seen in the image beneath and available in the God in a Nutshell shop. Also, click here to see the full details of the Joseph coin

The Exodus by God in a Nutshell will ROCK and will be released in 2020

Whereas the film Exodus and Nimrod will be released in 2020, the Exodus book and collection is already available by God in a Nutshell


Beneath is a description of the Exodus book available in the God in a Nutshell shop. 

Exodus is likely one of the BEST PRESENTATION of the EXODUS ever put into print.

Exodus ~ the Exodus Revelation

Front Cover of the Exodus Revelation by Trey Smith


Back Cover of Book (Seen beneath)

Exodus ~ Back of Book

Each plague of the Exodus represents a “god” of Egypt that is being challenged by the TRUE GOD of the

universe. These gods begin with a message to the serpent. Each god and his corresponding plague is brought to life in HD imagery and step-by-step explanation.

We begin the book with the true identity of Osiris ~ Egypt’s “god of the dead.” And, his father Amun ~ one of the grandsons of Noah’s son Ham.

Examples of the interior of the Exodus book’s pages are beneath:

 Joseph: Who is Joseph in Egypt?

Osiris:Who is the Egyptian “god” Osiris

We go through the evidence of Joseph in Egypt. Infact, the pyramids themselves are symbols of Joseph in Egypt; proven in this material in full glorious color.

Further, you will see where the Hebrews lived in Egypt, as well as learn the mysteries surrounding the Pharaoh of the Exodus. The priests throwing their staffs to become snakes is on his tomb walls.

Joseph: Who was Joseph is Egypt?

It is honor that this book even exists, and is the culmination of many years of research. The answers to many of Egypt’s largest secrets and mysteries may also come to life in this image rich Exodus presentation.

Exodus: The Ten Plagues

The book goes hand-in-hand with PreFlood and Nimrod also by Trey Smith. But, it can be read all its own if you wish. The Exodus and the story of Nimrod are both precursors to Revelation.

Enjoy the ride. Simple.



The book is 92 pages done in 11 x 8.5 inch landscape format. It is full color and has many, many custom charts and graphs and other demonstration materials.

Exodus in Set is seen beneath. Note: If you only buy Exodus you will not get the full set, but just the Exodus. Also, unless stated, the coins are separately purchased. Additionally, the set seen beneath is the hardcover versions of the books. However, the paperbacks are equally as beautiful. Either format is perfect for coffee tables, decoration as well as conversation pieces for any home, work, office, plane ride or leisure environment.

Each page of the interior was individually crafted. The contents of the books, all three of them, is unique in history. If you find time to write review (anywhere on the internet) we would love to read it. We believe you will feel as strongly about these books as we do! 

God in a Nutshell Pre-Flood, Nimrod, and Exodus set (with Trump and Joseph coins in image)

In short, the books are not only easy enough for a 6th grader and intellectually satisfying enough for any Phd.; but greater still, they look good and lighten up the atmosphere of any room you put them (our opinion). 

Trey Smith ~ Exodus Set

Enjoy the Ride!



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