Nephilim “Elongated Skulls” Examined in 2020

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Head bound elongated skull versus naturally formed "Nephilim" elongated skull.

The “Elongated Skulls” of Peru are often called (for lack of a better term) “Nephilim Skulls.” This word — Nephilim — is a reference to a mixed breeding of angelic beings and humans creating strange offspring. And, there is no argument these elongated heads from Peru are indeed of a strange sort.

Trey Smith with two elongated skulls

Now, to be absolutely clear, there is no tangible evidence these were the children from the stars or another dimension; but, their features are infact unlike modern or ancient humans in a great many ways. They are very strange skulls. Of this single point no argues.

You have two types of elongated heads. The first type, and most common, is done by head binding. In this manner the shape of the head is merely altered. But, the skull does not change actual head volume. It is commonly believed these ancient peoples were copying a feature of their royalty, or their gods.

Natural Elongated Skull

The second type, often thought to be of royal families, are clearly naturally formed. The head volume is generally larger (often significantly), the eye sockets larger, and the elongated skull will be missing a suture line on the back of the skull which on an ordinary person would connect the two parietal plates.

Naturally formed elongated skull

The heads are just simply strange and are found near ancient ritual sites and temples that baffle scholars even today.

Brien Foerster, who has likely worked with more of these elongated skulls than anyone in the field of them, recently did DNA testing on 18 of them. It is his belief based on the results that these strange headed folks came from between the Caspian and Black Sea.

Well, if Foerster is correct on that assertion, that places these elongated skull people coming from about the same area as Mount Ararat. Also, the same general region — just north — of ancient Babel.

Ararat lies between Caspian and Black Sea

Beneath are several images of theses skulls from around the world

Elongated Skulls from France and Russia





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