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Trey SmithTrey Smith is the founder of the God in a Nutshell project.

Trey Smith has also produced some of the most controversial documentaries on the internet, and/or (likely) also on the globe. Many of Trey Smith’s documentaries on subjects ranging from the debunkiTrey Smithng of evolution, to the evidence of Noah and the flood, to the secrets of the book of Enoch, to the Nephilim, to exposing the occult, etc, etc, etc…. have touched the hearts and minds of millions around the globe — from the US to the deepest parts of many oppressive third world nations.

Not only has Trey Smith made many controversial documentary films, driving also criticism from  opposition; but has done many secular, religious and Christian talk shows on these same subjects.

Trey Smith first became publicly known after publishing a book in 2011 titled, Thieves: One Dirty TV Pastor and the man who robbed him wherein he confessed to the 1999 mansion safe robbery of prominent “prosperity gospel” TV pastor, Mike Murdock. The book Thieves: One Dirty TV Pastor and the man who robbed him by Trey Smith , grew a larger and larger following; doing very well on sites such as Amazon, later receiving significant movie interests. However, Trey Smith states that he felt “the Lord told him to remove the book”. So, in September of 2015, the book was taken off the market by Trey Smith himself.

Trey SmithToday, many of Trey Smith’s documentaries are available freely on the God in a Nutshell project website, Trey Smith / God in a Nutshell Youtube Channel ….. while some are exclusively available on either DVD -or- as streaming online documentary films. Trey Smith’s full length documentary films have been watched in the millions and millions and millions.

Trey SmithTrey Smith’s current full length documentaries are: Enoch (original from 2011), Theory of Everything (Trey Smith 2012), Nephilim (Trey Smith 2013), Noah (Trey Smith 2014), Jurassic (Trey Smith / Bob Enyart 2015), Enoch: 364 Days— also called “Enoch: Book of Enoch by Trey Smith” (2016), Entities: the Beginning (Trey Smith 2016). Entities: the Unveiling (Trey Smith 2016).

Trey Smith accredits all the documentaries — “the good parts” — to Jesus Christ.

Trey describes his faith and Christianity “in a nutshell” as merely as continual journey and discovery to be a faithful servant in this place to his King, Jesus Christ.

Trey Smith: Summary list of documentaries

Trey Smith films, movies, documentaries

Enoch (original from 2011): Enoch is a roughly 40 minute presentation on Enoch, fallen angels and the pre-flood world. Enoch (2011) is a strong introductory presentation to understanding the ancient book of Enoch. Enoch was written, directed and produced by Trey Smith.

Trey SmithTheory of Everything (2012): The Theory of Everything by Trey Smith has a run time of 2 hours and 49 minutes. The Theory of Everything is a documentary challenging and examining many of the “myths” of modern science — this would extend to include everything from debunking evolution, to examining the nature of reality and the universe. The Theory of Everything is a journey from the cells to the stars — written, directed and produced by Trey Smith.

Trey SmithNephilim (2013): Nephilim by Trey Smith has a run time of 1 hour and 54 minutes. Nephilim is a documentary examining the origin of satan, fallen angels, giants, aliens, hybrids, elongated skulls & the now infamous Genesis 6 nephilim. Nephilim by Trey Smith is often credited with popularizing (and bringing into clarity) the unusual passage in Genesis 6 dealing with the Nephilim, also bringing to light strange archaeology & creatures found all around globe at ancient temples and sites. Nephilim was written, directed and produced by Trey Smith.

Trey SmithNoah (2014): Noah by Trey Smith has a run time of 3 hours and 31 minutes. Noah is a documentary and journey into the vast evidence of the global flood, and historical account of Noah, and Noah’s Ark. Additionally, the Trey Smith documentary Noah also looks at occult sites such as the Ziggurat of Eridu in ancient Sumeria/Assyria (likely the Tower of Babel), as well as, examining mysterious details of the Garden of Eden, Fallen Angels, and the Pre-Flood World. Noah by Trey Smith (God in a Nutshell) has been watched by millions and is likely the most hardcore, and complete walk-through of the flood evidence and Noah’s Ark in the world. Noah was written, directed and produced by Trey Smith.

Trey Smith (Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis)Jurassic (2015): Jurassic by Trey Smith / Bob Enyart has a run time of 2 hours and 19 minutes. Jurassic is a documentary looking at the now vast evidence all around the globe that dinosaurs lived with man. Also, Jurassic takes you on a guided tour through the DNA of dinosaurs, the fresh bloody soft tissues now commonly found in dinosaurs, the messy scandals surrounding carbon dating of dinosaurs (which the evolution “science” community tried to censor — as ALL unfossilized dinosaur bone tested to date — tests young….. the scams, Trey Smith (Bob Enyart of Real Science Radio)hoaxes and outright frauds in missing links put forth in the past by the evolution “science” community — and also how to simply and easily identify them….. etc… etc… Additionally, Bob Enyart, debates Richard Dawkins sidekick Mr. Lawerence Krauss & demonstrates with Trey Smith on film some of the more ridiculous of the modern “science” claims made in support of the old age of dinosaurs, old age of strata, old age of the Grand Canyon, and more….  Bob Enyart provided incredible and ongoing consulting and expertise from his decades of research, debates & commentaries on dinosaurs, strata, genetics and the beliefs of Darwinism. Jurassic was written, directed and produced by Trey Smith.

Trey Smith (Enoch 2016)Enoch: 364 Days (2016) — also called “Enoch: Book of Enoch by Trey Smith”. Enoch: 364 Days by Trey Smith has a run time of 2 hours 23 minutes. Enoch is a documentary-style commentary by Trey Smith on the book of Enoch. Enoch: 364 Days covers, as an easy break-down, the book of Enoch, the enigma of the 364 day calendar Enoch used, the riddle of who this mysterious Biblical character named Melchizedek, and also gives a glimpse into what the world  was like moments before the flood — and insights about the occult practices under king Nimrod at the Tower of Babel, according to the book of Yasher (the book of the Upright). Enoch: 364 Days (2016) — also called “Enoch: BookTrey Smith: Entities of Enoch by Trey Smith” was written, directed and produced by Trey Smith.


Entities: the Beginning (2016)

Entities: the Beginning is part one of the two part Entities set. Both films (though designed to go together) are complete documentaries in-and-of themselves. The subject matter of Entities (Trey Smith 2016) was and is so vast in scope Trey Smith: Entitiesthat it truly required two complete documentaries. Accordingly, these two documentaries took Trey Smith roughly 2 years to make. There is likely NO other supernatural documentaries on Earth this in-depth on the subjects, particularly combined with actual supernatural footage. 


Entities: the Beginning by Trey Smith has a run time of 2 hours and 23 minutes.Trey Smith: EntitiesTrey Smith: Entities

Entities: the Beginning focuses on the beginnings of the occult — both before the flood and rising again after the flood. Entities: the BeginTrey Smith: Entitiesning also covers the journey of mysteries leading from the Garden of Eden, to the Cross of Jesus Christ, as well as the interaction of both Holy Angels, and casts of fallen entities, as well as their trickery….


Also, the real “supernatural” site of Sodom & Gomorrah is explored with one of its discoverers (Richard Rives), leading to the controversial story and claim by Ron Wyatt of the discovery of the Ark of Covenant — and the angels that appeared when it was alleged to be found in Israel. Entities: the Beginning contains actual footage (lots of actual footage) of supernatural manifestations caught on tape. Entities: the Beginning was written, directed and produced by Trey Smith.

Entities: the Unveiling (2016)

Entities: the Unveiling is part two Trey Smith: Entitiesof the two part Entities set. Both films  (though designed to go together) are complete documentaries in-and-of themselves. The subject matter of Entities (Trey Smith 2016) was and is so vast in scope that it truly required two complete documentaries.Trey Smith: Entities


Entities: the Unveiling by Trey Smith has a run time of 2 hours and 24 minutes.


Entities: the Unveiling is documentary journey into the dimension of angels, fallen angels, ufos, heaven, and hell…. Also, Entities: the Unveiling explores “what happens after our bodies die?” — All interviews of those who have medically died and come back to life report that they entered another realm, yet they were STILL CONSCIOUS. From a mystery cave behind the empty Tomb of Jesus Christ, to prophecies in Revelation.


Entities: the Unveiling contains actual footage (lots, and lots, and lots of actual footage) of supernatural manifestations caught on tape. Entities: the Unveiling was written, directed and produced by Trey Smith. 


Trey Smith: Background and Bio

Trey Smith: Biography

Trey Smith was born in Houston, Texas. His father was computer scientist for Los Alamos National Laboratory, and then later research developer for Houston based Shell Oil Company — also teaching part-time for 34 years as a professor of graduate-level computer science students for the University of Houston. Trey Smith’s father, Dr. Carl Smith, specialized in numerical analysis and also played a significant role in the early development and study of Trey Smith & Dr. Carl Smithartificial intelligence, neural networks and parallel system architectures.

In 1991, Trey Smith’s mother was diagnosed with a twelve pound ovarian cancer mass which had spread. She was diagnosed terminal with roughly three months to live. Smith’s mother had an unusual recovery (medical anomaly — a “miracle” in layman’s terms). In essence, after Trey Smith’s mother was diagnosed and given 3 – 6 months left to live — she went to cancer treatments and chemotherapy for several months. The doctors were amazed as they said after several treatments she would be too weak to feed herself. However, after several chemo treatments she built a fence in the backyard for the dog.

Then, she stated to family and doctors that she would no longer continue the chemotherapy treatments (which doctors stated would NOT save her life, but might prolong it a little). She expressed at that point that she did not believe their medical reports and numerous CT scans (which of course repeatedly showed the enormous cancer and its rapid spreading). Trey Smith’s mother (Ruth Smith) began to state that the “Lord (Jesus Christ) had healed her, even though the all the evidence, and the cancer which had now spread ALL through-out her body clearly showed otherwise”. Doctors informed family that she “must be experiencing denial.” None-the-less, she (Trey Smith’s mother) placed faith and healing scriptures from the Bible all over the house — and told people she “was already healed by the blood of Jesus” whenever asked about the cancer. After several months, with many friends and family expecting she might fall dead at moment, Trey Smith’s mother (Ruth Smith) was persuaded by doctors to come have cancer tests and CT scans run again.

The cancer — nor any trace of it — could be found. Nor, has any form of cancer ever returned to her body.

Her medical file — complete with all the ugly CT scans and giant cancer imagery — reads “HEALED” at the top of the medical folder.

In the medical field — they call this an anomaly. In practical, real-world, reality — its called a miracle.

Trey Smith’s mother also had a friendship — and visited for prayer with — Dodie Osteen (mother of prominent Houston evangelist Joel Osteen) during that same time. Dodie Osteen also had an unusual recovery (one those “medical anomalies” ) from a terminally diagnosed cancer herself. Dodie Osteen also credits the seemingly supernatural disappearance of her cancer (which was also terminal) to Jesus Christ.

In childhood, Trey Smith was “best friends” with “prosperity gospel” evangelist Mike Murdock’s only son, Jason Murdock (also known as Jay Sustain). The  two boys’ (Trey Smith and Jason Murdock) mothers were extremely close friends as well. In fact, Jason Murdock lived with Trey Smith’s family for time-periods during his childhood — particularly during the divorce proceedings of Linda Murdock.

Trey Smith: the Thieves book

Trey Smith: Thieves

In 1997, Trey Smith and Jason Murdock enrolled in Christ for the Nations, a large seminary in Dallas, Texas — not far from evangelist Mike Murdock’s mansion estate. The two were ultimately expelled from Christ for the Nations for redundant infractions, such as sneaking in the dorms after curfew, not making it to mandatory morning classes, causing paintball wars in the school’s parking lots, and possible smell of alcohol on several occasions.

Trey SmithTrey Smith claims to have been the perpetrator to have smashed open the minister’s mansion gate (Smith claims he drove an older model Cadillac through it), disarmed/opened all three (3) of the mansion’s electronic security doors, then entered the minister’s “treasure closet”, and left with the entire safe.

Trey Smith then claims he went to remote areas of Mexico for a period of time following such events.

In 2011-2012, Smith had much involvement with Ole Anthony and the Trinity Foundation — known for exposing the Robert Tilton scandal (a famous and flamboyant “Prosperity Gospel” preacher), producing the “Godstuff” segment on the Jon Stewart Show, as well as, comedy segments for the HBO Jimmy Fallon Show. Trey Smith stayed with the Trinity Foundation, and rented an apartment on the Trinity Foundation’s property. It was in this same time frame that D-Magazine (one of the largest print magazines in Texas, and likely the largest in Dallas), purchased exclusive rights to run chapter one of Trey Smith’s book Thieves: One Dirty TV Pastor and the man who robbed him for one month in their magazine as a headline article. Additionally, D-magazine, ran a full page cartoon of Trey Smith running from evangelist Mike Murdock as a headline article.

Trey Smith also did an exclusive two-day interview set with Denver, Colorado, radio show host Bob Enyart covering the Mike Murdock safe robbery. Then, Smith also appeared on Bruce Collins with Jesse Ventura, as well as a variety of other talk shows.

Trey Smith: ThievesUltimately, Trey Smith “voluntarily” removed the book Thieves: One Dirty TV Pastor and the man who robbed him from the market, and from Amazon and other vendors. Then, in 2015, Smith posted on the book’s website that:

“Book Thieves taken down and off market by Trey Smith on 9-23-2015. Over the years, numerous movie offers were made on this book. I never pursued those…..

I am taking the book down of my own accord — I don’t feel it represents who I am today. Nor, do I feel it is glorifying to the Lord. September 23rd 2015 (Yom Kippur — Day of Atonement)

~ Trey Smith”

Following taking the book Thieves down from the market, used copies of Thieves seemed to become collectibles — selling & trading for often outrageous amounts (ranging from a hundred or better, to sometimes over a thousand dollars a copy) on sites such as Amazon.


Trey Smith: God in a Nutshell project

Trey Smith: God in a Nutshell

The God in a Nutshell project began in 2011. The God in a Nutshell project was founded by Trey Smith.

When searching for the domain name for the God in a Nutshell project….. Trey Smith noticed that domain resale companies had bought up domain names such as: Jesus in a Nutshell, Christianity in a Nutshell, even Islam in a Nutshell…. pretty much anything “in a nutshell” had been bought and often sold to bidders. Mysteriously however, the domain name “” was untouched.

Trey Smith states his belief that — “the Lord protected and held it for him”.

The God in a Nutshell project began as a series of short videos Trey Smith made, which were based on letters he had written during some difficult and self searching times. The initial videos were simply titled: “God in a Nutshell: letter one, God in a Nutshell letter two, and, God in a Nutshell letter three (often titled, “the Choice“). They seemed to become popular on sharing websites.

Beneath is the first of those initial video presentations — for you to see. NOTE: some of the content of these 3 videos Trey Smith has modified his views on. Bare in mind, the actual content of the letters (the letters themselves) that Trey is reading were written well over a decade ago. 

[youtube_sc url=”–bg7t6iE4″ fs=”1″]

If you wish to watch the other two letters, simply click one of these links: God in a Nutshell letter two, and, God in a Nutshell letter three



God in a Nutshell: Corruption in Modern Media 

Though Trey Smith initially began by creating deeply researched journalistic documentaries that exposed truth and lies in areas such as the ancient past, modern discoveries & science, Trey Smith states that his heart also felt burdened to build a platform for “honest & trustworthy” world news. He says he felt the “mainstream medias” (most of them) were pushing political agendas, and marketing often “less than noble” narratives, as opposed to just delivering up the data, the “unskewed” information, the truth…. for the viewer and listener to decide. A problem that had also appeared to spread and/or began in the universities; that students were paying top dollar to be “told what to think”…. as opposed to diligently shown “how to think.”

Additionally, Trey Smith saw and believed that (quoting Trey): “progressively” large funding seemed to pour like warm murky liquid from a thousand sewers into anything — literally “ANYTHING” — that would aggressively act as a sideways narrative in favor of deception and corruption in finance, in politics, in science, in education, in news, in journalism, even pushing agendas and occult in many of the movies, comedy shows, and the sort….. Like a cesspool of greed and lies that was (and is) slowly strangling the color, the joy, the prosper, and the life from the common man — every race, creed and color.”

And, of course the largest attacks are against the Bible. Why wouldn’t they be? After-all, the Bible supports freedom, it supports discovery, it supports prosper, it supports love over killing each other, it supports joy, it supports truth, it supports men of honor and courage, it supports life in its fullest, in fact, it is the very instruction manual for Life and Light itself…… But, to believe in these things (and not a twisted sad version of them) would seem to most definitely fall under the category of “fringe conspiracy” according  to many of the modern medias. They often use the same words as listed above, they just perhaps don’t seem to know the meaning of them.

God in a Nutshell project: Mission Statement

God in a Nutshell will continue to periodically deliver in-depth, full length documentaries on often extremely controversial subjects….. Just as it has done since 2011 — each project technically & visually superior to the last.

However, on a regular and daily basis — the God on a Nutshell project will begin to deliver honest & trustworthy Biblical and historical research, insights, prophecy, world news, and the full spectrum of wonders and discoveries. If you wish to play a role in this, please write to us.



God bless all of you.

The God in a Nutshell project




Trey Smith


Trey Smith