Entities Disc One: the Beginning


“Entities Disc One: the Beginning” is the first of the two documentary Entities set. This documentary is a journey into the evidence of the supernatural realm…..the dimensions of angels and demons.  The evidence, images, real footage and accounts presented in both “the Beginning” and “the Unveiling” is significant.  

It not only starts with a bang, by going straight into the examination of actual supernatural manifestations (and often “alien” looking beings that accompany them), but goes much, much deeper than this.  What you are seeing today, and in this film, are merely a backdrop to a much, much larger picture, going all the way back to the pages of Genesis. We examine the mystery and symbolism that begins in the Biblical account of the Garden of Eden… symbolism that seems to match up, tit-for-tat, with prophecies…which also appears to match up, eerily, with archaeology kept secret — like keys, God Himself intended us to find sliding into place.  

This documentary also examines supernatural sites — that most reading this page don’t even know actually exist — such as “Sodom & Gomorrah” (still covered with sulfur missiles to this very hour), the “ark of the covenant”…. and the mystery of “Melchizedek”….first King of Salem…. and much, much more.  All with paintings crying real tears, and other such madness from every side…the entire way.  

There is NO documentary set like this on the globe.  That CAN be stated BOLDLY!


Jonathan Rovetto


Jonathan Rovetto

Jonathan Rovetto was fortunate enough to grow up in a loving faith-filled family. He felt called to advancing the Kingdom of God from an early age. His first involvement in Media was running the sound board for Cavlary Temple in Wayne, NJ. He later went on to college and received an Engineering Degree from Rutgers University and a Masters in Communication from Regent University. His previous ministry work included time with Eagle’s Wings Ministries, Christ Church (NJ), and the National Religious Broadcasters. Jonathan eventually moved from New Jersey to Wisconsin to work with Jason Upton of Key of David Ministries. While in Wisconsin, Jonathan became the Media Director for the TBN affiliate TV station in the Milwaukee area. Currently Jonathan is the Media Director for World Outreach & Bible Training Center in Milwaukee and is also the Media Director for God in a Nutshell Ministries.