Jurassic: Dinosaurs Are Young. All of Them.

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Jurassic: Dinosaurs Are Young. All of Them.


Trey Smith | Bob Enyart

2 hours and 19 minutes (Standard DVD)

You will NEVER see Dinosaurs the same.  A journey into the genetics of dinosaurs & absolute proof that dinosaurs are YOUNG and lived side-by-side with man.

Documentary by Trey Smith | Bob Enyart




Jurassic: Dinosaurs Are Young. All of Them.

Trey Smith | Bob Enyart

2 hours and 19 minutes (Standard DVD)

You will NEVER see Dinosaurs the same.  A journey into the genetics of dinosaurs & absolute proof that dinosaurs are YOUNG and lived side-by-side with man.

Documentary by Trey Smith | Bob Enyart

Video includes interviews with:

Mark Armitage (Fired from Cal State for releasing Jurassic data from a triceratops proving dinosaurs are young). UPDATE: A legal victory was won regarding the young Jurassic dinosaur tissue that Mark Armitage was fired for discovering and publicly disclosing. Armitage won $500,000.00. Mark Armitage, in numerous videos with Trey Smith during the legal case (also addressing CAL State University) had demonstrated that Triceratops dinosaurs (and now many other dinosaurs from the Jurassic period) were all biologically proven young. See Mark Armitage victory

Dr. Aaron Judkins (Man vs. Archaeology and Finding Noah)

Dr. Walt Brown (Hydroplate Theory)

Dr. David Menton (Anatomist from Answers in Genesis)

Belinda LaCoste (Owns 85,000 acre Colorado Dinosaur Rich Ranch)


Jack Horner — Jurassic Park Technical Advisor, man who 30 yrs ago started the evolution add-on theory that dinosaurs turned into birds <—- which is disproven in this video.


Richard Dawkins close friend and media buddy — the Hard-Core Atheist Lawrence Krauss ….. Who gets slapped around badly, badly, badly with his own science by Bob Enyart in debate. That alone is worth the watch

Jurassic: DVD (2015) Details


Jurassic: Right here on this Jurassic page (even if you are not able to get a copy of “Jurassic”) let us give you a few FREE facts that not only prove dinosaurs young, but ALL of the evolution nonsense young.


Beneath is the claimed missing link “Java Man”. The entire recreation was done on a “skull cap”; it was made to look human. The skull cap belongs to a giant chimpanzee. Most of the creatures in the “Garden of Eden” style world of the past were “giant”…. and so were all the giant plants we find buried today that sustained them. See full list of bogus missing links including Homo Naledi, click here.

Or, ok, I won’t cheat you…. If you really want to take a minute to go on FREE RIDE into the madness of creating missing links — I give you none other than old Missing Link salesman Lee Berger. He created Homo Naledi (apparently) for National Geographic: Click here <— then come back if you like


Attorney Charles Lyell

The attorney and friend of Charles Darwin, who gave us the “Geological Column). First, dirt does not sort like this — one million year you get limestone, another million years you get sandstone etc…

The dirt has to come from somewhere; and the layers of strata (a word which literally means “sediments laid down by water”) are not made of moon dust. It is dirt. It is dirt sorted by weights and densities. The ONLY thing scientifically known to do this is water.

More than this, these layers of water sorted dirt are full of dead things (most of them in herds). Those dead things buried in mass under the ground are also sorted… They are sorted by their respective ecological systems. They were buried by massive amounts of sludge and water.

NOTE: On the document beneath, Lyell states “Ourang-Outangs” as “our ancestor”. Those marketing evolution later would change that to “primates” as Ourang-Outangs found buried in those same strata are identical to modern Ourang-Outangs — with one exception:

They can be 30 feet tall.


Carbon Dating: The numbers beneath speak for themselves

Carbon Dating Dinosaurs

Jurassic: These are just a touch of things covered in Jurassic

God bless all of you





5 reviews for Jurassic: Dinosaurs Are Young. All of Them.

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    Shannon Allen

    Excellent DVD with very creditable scientists and evidence. Thanks Trey Smith!

  2. Avatar


    The thing is, they are still here. In the beginning they were known as the hard scaly lizards, warriors that did not have love for God and came forth to fight. The form has changed now but the awakening with the election of Donald Trump is exposing them again, for those with eyes to see.

  3. Avatar


    Excellent DVD and presentation,very revealing, Thank you Trey.

  4. Avatar


    Please do not listen to this “Max B Oner” character, the DVD is typical a Trey Smith is presentation love it or hate, but he is not the one actually providing the scientific points really he just interview and allow the experts a venue so to speak.
    What this it not is pseudo science, some very respected scientist in this very documentary and the reason why many scientist do go on to become creationists is because the evidence gets overwhelming but don’t tell Dawkins and his watchdogs, joke is probably lost on them but at some point even the most stubborn human being cannot keep denying hard evidence in their face if honest with self, sure for a little while most of us do cause changing ones worldview can be a very difficult task especially when indoctrinated with specific lies for decades all back to childhood.

    I used to be the typical hard core Darwinist atheist and mocked Christians for fun, little did I know back then Gods idea of a joke was to make me the laughing stock and I had to swallow all of it later on, but I am not delusional and once licking my wounds and feeling sorry for myself a year or 2 I faced the truth when the evidence got too overwhelming.

    Honestly I do not think Max B own this DVD at all, writing a review is open top anyone on here and paid trolls sure do find their way to all other sites so please draw own conclusions based on that fact, then we have the stu.., sorry lets just say the indoctrinated people who think they know it all and so very enlighten cause they can repeat back the talking points trained into them, no hope there.

    This is full of entertaining typical Trey style presentation mixed with real scientific information form great scientist and truth warriors, will blow your mind I highly recommend it. Besides as always they surpass 2h my some margarine so value for your money in terms of length and quality.

  5. Avatar

    Max B Oner

    0 Stars – complete bollocks and pseudo science with sequences edited to suit the bias perspective of 2 religious nut jobs.

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