Lord of Spirits: Angels, Fallen Angels & Devils (part II of Enoch study)

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Lord of Spirits is exactly 2 hours in length. It is the second part of the Enoch study. This is a HARD-CORE documentary about angels, the end-times, the unseen, and Enoch.



Lord of Spirits: Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils. Lord of Spirits (cover and DVD seen beneath) is perhaps the most unusual film from Trey Smith / God in a Nutshell to date. The film had a run time of Two (2) hours. We hope you like angels.

Lord of Spirits is a journey into the world of Angels the likes of which is probably unlike anything on Earth. It is a deep look into the world of the supernatural. Also, we cover the Lord of Spirits, the God and King of Angels….. the one whom Enoch calls… the Lord of Spirits.

In this Lord of Spirits DVD we will be taking a 2 hour ride, even going through an ancient Canaanite / Nephilim cave. From the base of Mount Hermon, to the heart of Jerusalem…. And, place of the Returning King.

We cover also the second section of the Book of Enoch along the roller-coaster way. These texts and journey will point towards the end times…. toward intense prophecy… toward places you assuredly have have not seen in this way before.

It is a roller-coaster.

To tell you more would spoil it…. truly…. Buy the ticket; take the ride…. ~trey




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