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Lord of Spirits Collector Set is a Two DVD set. Each film is roughly 2 hours. This is the first and second part of the God in a Nutshell project Enoch study (Angels, Fallen Angels & Devils). It is in-depth, fast paced, but also EXTREMELY easy to follow. Please post your pictures of the sets when you get them, and tell a friend what you think. It is 4 hours (roughly) of hard-core thrill ride into the UNSEEN world. ~trey


Lord of Spirits ~ The Collector Set

We start with Mount Hermon…. In this documentary you will even see the “supernaturally large” piles of literal crap ~ bird crap ~ on the very altars in the mouth of Pan’s cave at the base of Mount Hermon.

Birds, or fowls of the air, or crows, or ravens, of course can represent demons in ancient texts.

Whatever the case, the devil loves his “BS”….. and there are strangely GIANT piles of it on his altars of blood at the base of that mystic mountain.

NOTE: Mount Hermon was originally titled “Satan”… as we do a VERY in-depth study not just on fallen angels & devils, but also on the most enigmatic of all “devils”…. Satan himself.

I did not feel right about having a video for sale with the name Satan on it.

So, I went with what the video actually is: a journey through Hermon and the world before the flood. The start of evil if you will.

This video (Mount Hermon) is a very easy “kick your feet back” and enjoy the journey kinda ride… and it ends well. VERY WELL.

It is also broken down into simple terms, and you will be traveling the world the Trey Smith way.

Mount Hermon: the Fall of Angels… is roughly a Two hour film. It is an in-depth look at the Fall of Angels covered in the book of Enoch, also the world before the flood as Enoch describes it.

This is also combined with modern scientific knowledge of our past. More-over, we look at the altars in the mouth of Pan’s Cave…. and go over the interesting discoveries at this mysterious mountain…. Mount Hermon.. the place where the Fallen Angels entered.

~Lord of Spirits~

Lord of Spirits: Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils. Lord of Spirits (cover and DVD seen beneath) is perhaps the most unusual film from Trey Smith / God in a Nutshell to date. The film had a run time of Two (2) hours. We hope you like angels.

Lord of Spirits is a journey into the world of Angels the likes of which is probably unlike anything on Earth. It is a deep look into the world of the supernatural. Also, we cover the Lord of Spirits, the God and King of Angels….. the one whom Enoch calls… the Lord of Spirits.


In this Lord of Spirits DVD we will be taking a 2 hour ride, even going through an ancient Canaanite / Nephilim cave. From the base of Mount Hermon, to the heart of Jerusalem…. And, place of the Returning King.

We cover also the second section of the Book of Enoch along the roller-coaster way. These texts and journey will point towards the end times…. toward intense prophecy… toward places you assuredly have not seen in this way before.

This is a video about the SUPERNATURAL in no nonsense ways. 


It is a roller-coaster.

To tell you more would spoil it…. truly…. Buy the ticket; take the ride…. ~trey



3 reviews for Lord of Spirits Collector set

  1. Avatar

    Reece Ellis

    Got them both watched them…watched them again …. and yes a third time, and yes both DVDs are totally amazing they are a must see… if you have not yet seen any of Tray’s DVDs and you are not sure….. start anywhere… you can not go wrong, it is that simple.

  2. Avatar

    thomas francis scott

    Trey boom nailed it again thank you and bless you and your family as well.

  3. Avatar

    James Marshall McCutcheon

    you will always receive 5 stars from me buddy! I must say my brother the way you make your videos and explain this stuff honestly there is truly a connection between those of us who have the eyes and ears to hear and see exactly what these old texts say about what is happening to us and around us this very hour.. and you go surgical with it dude!! thank you so much!!
    The time you sacrifice making these films is time not wasted my friend!! God bless you my brotha! I love ya to death man!! I would just about bet you are making God grin when you make these films!

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