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For a donation amount of $10.00 a month, which can be cancelled any time – including the first month – we have a growing and substantial list of videos that can be watched immediately online. Some of these include past films / documentaries once only available as DVD (see a list of some below). Moreover, it is a way to support God in a Nutshell, which allows us to make these materials.


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By selecting to support God in a Nutshell with $10.00 a month, you immediately see a section titled “Partners” appear at the top of the God in a Nutshell website each time you visit. NOTE: You must make sure you are logged in each time you visit to see the “Partners” sections at the top of the page.

In that “Partners” section we have a library of God in a Nutshell materials from the past, DVDs available for streaming, studies on the Book of Enoch, materials not release anywhere else, and some documentary items which were banned dealing with the future of the Donald Trump presidency, the “wars of the liberal party” and what happens with economy — complete with prophecies that may be too strong in some instances for online video forums, such as Youtube.

Watch the video beneath today as streaming by becoming a Partner. Online providers reported it’s content as too much for them…. That must mean its really good? You let us know?


Additionally, the Partner section also includes an array of enjoyable journeys and unique commentaries through Biblical sites, and mysteries such as the “God Dimension” behind the Hebrew letters.

We have included the entire film the “God Dimension” (and others) in the Partners section. The God Dimension is a journey through Israel and the majesty of the Hebrew Letters; literally their magical properties. You will likely be astounded at just the definition of the first sentence of Genesis, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Watch it today as streaming. It is not only intellectually satisfying; it is colorful beyond colors.


Also, we have included the full documentaries Mount Hermon and Lord of Spirits. These two films, roughly two hours each for you to watch now, or whenever later you like, are a journey from the base of Mount Hermon where the Book of Enoch records the entrance of 200 fallen angels. This is similar to the Greek tales of Olympus where the “gods” lived and did their bidding and games with mankind.

At the base of Mount Hermon is Pan’s Cave, and ancient altars of blood where the elites, aristocrats and richy-riches from the days of Babylon to the time of the Greeks and Romans made child sacrifice to appease their pantheon of forest gods, including Pan. The temple at the base of Hermon has an eerily tall pile of bat dung, nearly six (6) feet tall, where the broken altar for human sacrifice was.

Lord of Spirits is the second part to the Enoch journey. In this one, there is everything from angels and encounters to crawling under pagan caves of the Canaanites (some claim Nephilim) under the heart of Jerusalem, Israel. You are going to see sacred parts of the ancient world in a very special way.

In fact, some of the documentaries by God in a Nutshell not only are enormously attentive to detail while like riding a roller-coaster — but often contain footage that was unsafe to attain from dangerous parts of the world. But, would it really be a good film if we did any less?

You will travel through all of it, including the ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah, and more…. Both films are a special ride through the ancient sites with Trey Smith. They are a fun ride you assuredly won’t find anywhere else. And, for the first time available for immediate streaming as a Partner.



There are in truth many materials, full length documentaries, and even unseen clips and the like in this PARTNERS section. Many, many documentaries you can easily watch numerous times, and new ones to start something up whenever you feel like it.

However, should you be dissatisfied we will refund you money, no questions asks.

We thank you for the support, and we will continue adding things in an effort to keep that support. I very much time you are about to go on some really amazing journeys.

Trey Smith





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