YHVH: the GOD dimension

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YHVH: the GOD dimension proves GOD is REAL. That simple. It has a run-time of roughly 2 hours and 15 minutes

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YHVH: the GOD dimension is a journey into the first sentence of the Book of Genesis. Literally, all history, is prophetically told – and dimensionally proven fact, by merely the first sentence of Genesis.

The Torah (the first five books of the Bible) are written in Hebrew; the Hebrew language (in its original form) is the first language of earth. Hebrew and the Torah are written in a dimensional language with dimensional properties. This video (YHVH: the GOD dimension) explores those properties.

Hebrew is and can be called ~ the tongue of angels and men.


YHVH: the God Dimension (Front of DVD).

YHVH: the GOD dimension (Back view of DVD)

YHVH: the GOD dimension (Inside DVD insert)




5 reviews for YHVH: the GOD dimension

  1. George

    I purchased the 14 DVD set and this was the first one I pulled out of the box. All I can say is WOW. About 2/3 of the way through and I found myself thinking that this single DVD was worth the price of the entire set. Every minute of this DVD is filled with information that I can only be described as “God Breathed”. Thank you Trey, thank you very much. God Bless you and your team.

  2. stephen.sampford (verified owner)

    OK, I have watched it now. I will have to watch it again, and then again, and then many times again. This a must watch, along with the Noah videos I would say. Ram-packed full with critical knowledge of the truth of all things, from the beginning unto the end.

  3. Stephen Sampford (verified owner)

    I know this is review section and truth be told I haven’t watched it yet. But hey! I have watched enough Trey Smith videos to know what is about to happen when I slip this baby in my CD drive and press play.

    What I want to say is just how fast this thing has made it to my door, over here in England! Many weeks are quoted in the shipping blurb but ‘The God Dimension’ was in my hands well within a week.

    My thanks to Trey, his entire crew and our Abba Father – Not necessarily in that order. Elohim bless each and everyone of you on the other side of ‘The Pond’ 😉

  4. Brittani

    Fantastic!!! We watched YHVH after the HolyLand DVDs, it all went together very well. Excellent job Trey! We loved every minute of it.

  5. Liam


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